The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Performance Evaluation Requirements for Faculty and Staff

Evaluation programs are crucial for providing feedback to you from your staff and to your staff on their job performance and may have an impact on some contractual merit salary programs. There are different evaluation programs for faculty and unit and non-unit exempt and non-exempt staff.


The Provost’s Office in conjunction with the Deans of the various schools and colleges oversee annual faculty reviews.  For full time faculty evaluations click here.  Part time faculty annual evaluations are managed at the department level.  For questions, contact the Department Head.

Unit Exempt Employees and PSU Non-Exempt Employees

The Performance Management Program (PMP) covers unit exempt professional staff and is required yearly by the collective bargaining unit agreement.  The PMP evaluation period varies by executive area.  Contact your AO for evaluation dates and procedures.

Unit and Non Unit Non-Exempt Employees

The Performance Evaluation for Classified Employees is used for non-exempt staff (except PSU non-exempt as noted above) and is generally tied to the employee’s hire date or date promoted into their current position.  Human Resources will notify departmental personnel coordinators when a non-exempt APR is due.

Non Unit Exempt Employees

Annual Performance Review (APR) is used for non-unit exempt staff and is typically tied to either the fiscal or academic year.  Contact your AO for evaluation dates and procedures.

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