The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Employee Responsibilities Regarding Conduct

University employees are state employees and are subject to the provisions of many state laws regulations and advisories as well as variety of campus policies regarding employee conduct.

Conflict of Interest (State Ethics Commission)
University employees are governed by the state's Conflict of Interest Law Ch. 268A. In general you may not ask for or accept anything worth $50 or more per year from any one with whom you have official dealings, disclose confidential information gained as a public employee, take official action affecting your own financial interest or financial interest of a family member or hold more than one job with the state. The state’s Conflict of Interest Law also requires applicants for University positions to disclose whether they have any relatives working for any state agency. University employees are required to certify annually that they have received the State Ethics Commission’s summary of ethics laws and bi-annually are required to take the State Ethics Commission’s on-line exam. This law governs conduct of state employees and should be reviewed.

Guidelines Governing Political Activity of State Employees
The conflict of interest law has implications for employees regarding their political activities, which includes, but is not necessarily limited to, any activity that is in support of or opposition to a federal, state or local candidate or political party or a state or local ballot question. For detailed information visit the State Ethics Commission website.

Principles of Employee Conduct
University leaders play a key role in assuring that high standards of ethical practice attend to the delivery of services and custody of resources. The university embraces the values expressed in the Principles of Employee Conduct and expects their observance by all employees.

Annual Financial Disclosure
Staff who are designated as campus senior administrators are also subject to the state’s annual Financial Disclosure regulations.  A notice is sent yearly to these designated employees by President’s Office.

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