The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Getting access to the PeopleSoft Financial and Human Resource Systems, BuyWays or Summit

Employees can request access by completing an Access Request form. Forms are located on the A&F Administrative Systems website. Once the requestor has filled out the form(s), their department head must sign to authorize access. Then, for the PeopleSoft Financial System, BuyWays or Summit mail it to the Security Administrator, Patti Roper, at Room 150 in the Whitmore Administration Building; for Human Resources, mail it to Tim Cendrowski in HR at Room 325 Whitmore Administration Building. Finance access request forms for new users or requests for additional access for existing users can be accepted via email; as long as the email is sent by the Department Head or Signature Designee of the Department Head. Once the user id and password have been created, the requestor will receive an email packet explaining logon and password procedures. Training is available for Finance by contacting A&F Administrative Systems. However, only BuyWays and Procard reallocation require trainings prior to receiving access. Training is available for Human Resources by contacting the Human Resources Office.

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