The University of Massachusetts Amherst

What is PeopleSoft?

The PeopleSoft System is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system which integrates data and processes of the institution into one unified electronic system. The University implemented financial and human resource modules to support our business functions and improve their efficiencies. In the financial arena, the University utilizes PeopleSoft to support general ledger, accounts payable, asset, grant, and post-award functions. The Human Resource modules are used to support payroll, benefits, time and labor functions. PeopleSoft gives users the ability to access financial and human resource data from their desk top.

What is BuyWays?

The UMass BuyWays platform is an intuitive, user friendly procurement tool for purchasing goods and services departments require. BuyWays will provide users with an easy route to all of their purchasing needs without undue restrictions or approvals. All purchase requisitions and purchase orders go through the BuyWays system to insure prompt processing of all orders. Encumbrances will automatically continue to be maintained in the PeopleSoft Financial System. To learn more contact Gary Duggan, Associate Director in the Procurement Department at 5-0361.

What is Summit Reporting?

Summit is a web-based, interactive reporting tool for financial data. The tool provides timely information on budgets, expenditures, encumbrances and balances for both sponsored and non-sponsored activity. Summit also provides important “at-a-glance” financial and demographic information, such as, days remaining for a grant and payroll detail by employee. As an interactive tool, it gives users the flexibility to view information at a summarized level and to drill down to individual transactions. Summit is intended to be intuitive, easy to navigate and to improve decision making and performance monitoring.

Updating organizational department (commonly called DEPTID) in PeopleSoft

Each year in March, A&F Administrative Systems sends out a mailing to managers requesting any updates to Campus Organizational Structure from Executive Level to DEPTID. The accuracy of the organizational structure is essential since it controls access to your financial information including your budget and financial transactions. In addition, this Campus Organizational Structure is used to synchronize with other systems such as those maintained by HR, SPIRE, Affirmative Action and Space Management. The A&F Systems website has up-to-date information on the organizational structure and process.  If you have any questions regarding a request for DEPTID changes, please contact Sandy Przybycien at 5-2119 who will direct you appropriately.

Getting access to the PeopleSoft Financial and Human Resource Systems, BuyWays or Summit

Employees can request access by completing an Access Request form. Forms are located on the A&F Administrative Systems website. Once the requestor has filled out the form(s), their department head must sign to authorize access. Then, for the PeopleSoft Financial System, BuyWays or Summit mail it to the Security Administrator, Patti Roper, at Room 150 in the Whitmore Administration Building; for Human Resources, mail it to Tim Cendrowski in HR at Room 325 Whitmore Administration Building. Finance access request forms for new users or requests for additional access for existing users can be accepted via email; as long as the email is sent by the Department Head or Signature Designee of the Department Head. Once the user id and password have been created, the requestor will receive an email packet explaining logon and password procedures. Training is available for Finance by contacting A&F Administrative Systems. However, only BuyWays and Procard reallocation require trainings prior to receiving access. Training is available for Human Resources by contacting the Human Resources Office.

Available standard financial reports

A&F Administrative Systems provides campus management with key financial and HR reports. These reports, generated through the PeopleSoft HR, Finance systems and Summit, are a combination of standardized reports run annually, monthly or bi-weekly and ad hoc reports run as needed by the end users. The following reports are provided either in hard copy or through Summit to MBUs except for the Annual All Funds Report which is distributed through the Vice Chancellors. In addition, the Monthly Operational Reports are available online through the finance system.

  • Monthly Operational Reports:  Each month, A&F Administrative Systems generates a series of standardized reports used to manage the financial operations of departments, funds, and grants/projects. These reports are available on-line and include general information on budget balances as well as detailed information on the transactions that occur each month.
  • Monthly Deans’ Reports:  A&F Systems makes available through the Summit tool, reports to each dean’s area and MBU which provide a summarized financial overview of year-to-date activity for both restricted and unrestricted funds. The reports include a school/college or MBU summary of balances by fund, a department level summary of balances by fund, and a project/grant funding and expense summary.

Ad Hoc Report availability

A&F Administrative Systems supports a variety of reporting tools which enable users to extract information from the PeopleSoft HR and Finance systems on an as needed basis. These reports are often used to answer questions in a timely up-to-date manner and to manage transactional activity.

How to learn more about reading or customizing reports

A&F Administrative Systems provides training and individual support for all authorized users of the PS System. Contact Sandy Przybycien at 545-2119 who will direct you appropriately.

How to accept credit card payments for departmental activities

If you wish to take credit cards as a method of payment for your department activities call Patty Roper, Director of Applications & Compliance, at 5-2119 or via email at There are strict payment card industry standards (PCI) the University must follow to align with the PCI industry standards. Helpful links concerning these policies, campus credit card processing options and other information are outlined on the A&F Systems e-commerce page.

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