The University of Massachusetts Amherst

How to get reimbursed for authorized business expenses

In general, employees should not purchase non-travel related goods and services with personal funds and instead utilize the procurement processes available to the campus.  In the event that a purchase requisition or Procard is unavailable for an unexpected expense, the reimbursement must be documented, include a business purpose, and be authorized.  A department’s certified travel preparer submits business reimbursements using the same process as travel submissions.  Reimbursements for purchased services are not allowed.

Key facts for Department Administrators:

  • Expenses must follow the University Business Expense Policies.
  • This policy provides guidance on various types of business expenses including business meals and meetings, gifts, moving expenses and others.
  • All expenditures must be accompanied by an original receipt and documentation must include date, location and description of business purpose and name and title of any persons in attendance.
  • Approval requirements for expenditures can be found in the Business Expense Policy referenced above.

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