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How to deposit and record cash, check and credit card receipts

Revenue in the form of cash, check, electronic funds transfer and credit card receipts should be deposited and recorded through the Bursar’s Office in accordance with collection security guidelines. Departments may not open bank accounts, including PayPal or other web-based accounts, without permission of the University Treasurer’s Office. Credit card transactions must be processed through university approved systems to ensure the safeguarding of credit card information. Contact the Reconciliation Accountant at 5-2368 for more information.

What is PeopleSoft?

The PeopleSoft System is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system which integrates data and processes of the institution into one unified electronic system. The University implemented financial and human resource modules to support our business functions and improve their efficiencies. In the financial arena, the University utilizes PeopleSoft to support general ledger, accounts payable, asset, grant, and post-award functions. The Human Resource modules are used to support payroll, benefits, time and labor functions. PeopleSoft gives users the ability to access financial and human resource data from their desk top.

How to report fraudulent activity

Anyone who believes fraud has occurred should contact either the campus Controller, Vice-Chancellor, Chancellor and/or directly the University Auditor’s Office or the Campus Police Department. Employees are protected under Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 149, section 185, from retaliatory actions by their employer.

Fraudulent acts include:

  • Embezzlement, misappropriation or other financial irregularities
  • Forgery or alteration of documents (checks, time sheets, contractor agreements, purchase orders, other financial documents, electronic files)
  • Improprieties in the handling or reporting of money or financial transactions
  • Misappropriation of funds, securities, supplies, inventory, or any other asset (including furniture, fixtures or equipment)
  • Authorizing or receiving payment for goods not received or services not performed
  • Authorizing or receiving payments for hours not worked

The fraud policy is distributed annually to all employees.

What to do if contacted about an audit of financial data

The Controller’s Office coordinates all site visits and the preparation of responses to written requests for financial information. Occasionally an auditor or investigator may request information or a review of financial data, programs or facilities without prior notice.  These individuals should be referred to the Controller’s Office (5-0806) or OGCA (5-0698) before providing information or access to campus data or facilities.

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