The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Campus' Major Sources of Revenue

The campus displays its revenue from both All Funds’ and General Funds’ perspectives. All Funds includes state appropriation, tuition and fee income, revenue operations, grants and contracts, and restricted gifts.  General Funds are a subset of All Funds data and include state appropriation, tuition and mandatory fees, indirect cost recoveries and other unrestricted sources.  General Funds provide the primary source of revenue for the campus’ base budget that sustains the faculty and provides the primary support for teaching and some of the support for the institution’s research enterprise.  State appropriation funds approximately 35% of the general funds revenue base while mandatory student fees comprise another 57%.  On an All Funds basis the state appropriation (20%) and mandatory student fees (33%) are a much smaller portion of All Funds revenue.  Revenue operations (28%) and direct revenue from Grants and Contracts (10%) are included in the All Funds view and comprise a large share of campus revenue.

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