The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Requesting Additional Funds

The Budget Office works during the fiscal year to forecast the financial resources available for the next budget year.  Considered in this planning are the resources required to support mandatory costs such as bargained salary increases, utilities and debt service, and to support core initiatives such as financial aid.  In FY16 the campus put in place a more transparent and decentralized budget process.   This comprehensive process begins in the fall/winter with strategic planning for the coming budget year for schools/colleges and administrative units.  Ensuing discussions in the winter/spring shape budget plans for each unit, and these plans may include allocation of new resources, where available, and/or reallocation of existing resources between or within the units.  As such, requests for additional funding must be coordinated at the executive area (Provost, Vice Chancellor) whether these requests are made during the budget planning process or during the fiscal year.  

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