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Summer 2024 Classes

Summer 2024 Classes | Fall 2024 Classes

In our current landscape, tackling the challenges that arts and cultural organizations are facing takes creative and innovative thinking. Lead the change in the field by building your expertise through the Arts Extension Service’s classes in Arts Management this summer with our 100% online courses. Our highly relevant and instructive courses with renowned faculty who have extensive backgrounds in the field will bridge the gap of the experiential to the practical for aspiring and practicing arts managers, non-profit leaders, and creative practitioners.

Take your knowledge and experience to the next level, add to your resume, and increase your tool kit with one of our online certificate programs or Degree Program.

Session One (May 21 - July 3) Session Two (July 8 - August 16)
Introduction to Arts Management Grantwriting for the Arts
  Strategic Planning

Enrollment for Summer 2024 classes will begin on Monday, March 18.

To enroll in the credit (ARTS-EXT) version of any course, follow the directions on this page to enroll through SPIRE.

To enroll in the non-credit (LLAMS) version, fill out this form using the information below.

Note: the refund policy differs between non-credit classes and credit classes. Non-credit classes must be dropped by the day after the start of the semester in order to obtain a 100% refund; after this date the University+ Session will not grant a refund. Please refer to the University+ Session Refund Policy for details.


Intro to Arts Management
Subject and Course Number ARTS-EXT 500 LLAMS 1
Class Number 26170 26172
Credit or Noncredit? Credit Noncredit
Instructors Terre Parker Terre Parker
Course Fee $2160 + $85 registration fee $875 + $60 registration fee
Arts Managers perform the work that is required to bring the arts and cultural programs to audiences, organizing programs such as festivals and exhibits, performing arts events, and film screenings. This course will introduce you to the "business of the arts," providing you with an overview of the careers in arts management, the types of work that arts managers do, and the current issues and trends now affecting arts management professionals. This course is designed for individuals who are new to the field of arts management, are considering an arts management career, or are interested in arts management principles for the purposes of starting one's own nonprofit. This course is a requirement for all UMass students joining the Arts Management program who have no prior experience in the field.


Grantwriting for the Arts 
Subject and Course Number ARTS-EXT 511 LLAMS 20
Class Number 25456 25457
Credit or Noncredit? Credit Noncredit
Instructors Maryo Gard Ewell, Randi Vega Maryo Gard Ewell, Randi Vega
Course Fee $2160 + $85 registration fee $875 + $60 registration fee
Grantwriting is one of the many tools in fundraising and is a necessary skill for arts managers and artists who seek to support their work with grants. This course will teach the nuts and bolts of grantsmanship, including introducing the vocabulary and philosophy of grant-writing, the hallmarks of a well-written proposal, and the basics of grant searching. The class will use the Colorado Common Grant application as its organizing principle, selected because it is both comprehensive and reflects a growing trend in grantmaking. Students will learn the essential skills of grant-writing, writing in teams, critiquing a grant, planning a grant budget, and how to describe a cultural program's mission, goals, and program to grantmakers within space limits. Students will conclude the course by writing a comprehensive and ready-to-submit grant for their nonprofit or a case study organization.


Strategic Planning
Subject and Course Number ARTS-EXT 505 LLAMS 10
Class Number 26171 26173
Credit or Noncredit? Credit Noncredit
Instructor Lisa Barnwell Williams Lisa Barnwell Williams
Course Fee $2160 + $85 registration fee $875 + $60 registration fee
Strategic plans are essential to the long-term health of nonprofit organizations, allowing board members and staff to agree on a common direction for the organization to help guide future activity. This course will introduce you to the principles and methods of strategic planning for nonprofit organizations and will introduce you to various types of plans and planning terms. You will learn a system for strategic planning, will critique existing plans, and will design a planning process for your own nonprofit or a case study organization of your choosing. Suitable for beginning or advanced non-profit managers.