Studio Internship, Taproot Arts and Insight, Shutesbury, MA

Valerie Gilman, Taproot Arts and Insight and

I am a sculptor working in clay and bronze. I am also a life coach for artists and creatives and I am getting ready to run workshops and lectures based on the content of my sculptures. I believe in the power of art and the creative process to offer healing, inspiration and motivation to individuals and culture at large. My current work addresses our environmental crisis from the perspective of a deep paradigm shift. We need to move from thinking of ourselves as separate beings who own and have rights to abuse the land and ecosystems to an awareness of ourselves as part of a living earth. How can we live in healthy relationship to all of the rest of the earth and ecosystems?

The Studio Intern will have the opportunity to learn how to work effectively with an artist who has a number of projects going at once. The intern will have the opportunity to learn new materials and technical skills. Each day will be different depending on what is going on in the studio.

Requirements include: Interest in working with and learning a variety of sculptural materials. Willingness to learn, collaborate, share ideas, accept constructive feedback, and follow direction with some independence. Ability to lift up to 50 lbs.

The internship will be shaped in response to both the current projects of the studio and your learning goals.

Possible projects include:
- Assist in creating handmade items for craft show including light wood working, and assembly, kiln loading and surface treatment of ceramic sculptures.
- Assist in assembly of a mosaic wall fountain.
- Assist in creation and use of rubber and mother molds for creating wax patterns.
- Assist in set up/break down of booth at Paradise City Arts Festival and learn about the arts festival environment.
- Assist in photographing artwork using back drop and professional lighting.
- Assist in developing material techniques for site specific outdoor figurative sculptures that will both grow and decay over a period of years.


PAY TYPE: Unpaid


JOB STATUS: Part time, 3-6 hours a week. In the fall semester, additional hours at Paradise Arts Festival October 11 & 14.

LOCATION: Shutesbury, home studio, 15 minutes from campus.

APPLICATION DUE DATE: Priority Deadline September 20th. Open until filled.


CONTACT: Val Gilman,, (814)282-0545

HOW TO APPLY: Resume and cover letter to