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Radius MFA - Podcasting, Marketing & Development Internship

ABOUT: Radius MFA, a program out of UMass Amherst, gives the power of podcasting into the voices and hearts of our most underserved community members.

Want to help others learn to tell their stories and the stories of their communities? Come learn by doing! Are you responsible, bright, communicative? Teach podcasting skills using only your own phone and skills with narrative/teaching/creative speech to members of our most underserved community members!

  • Possibility to train others in storytelling, while being trained in podcasting for yourself;
  • Possibility to be trained in grant-writing!
  • Time commitment is manageable, tailored to you.

Duties may include:

  • Assist in content-creation including,:email, blog, social media, and podcast creation;
  • Learn how to use and evaluate the effectiveness of marketing tactics using marketing analytics;
  • Assist in the research of target audiences;
  • Research promotional tools to reach audiences;
  • Help to maintain a social media presence;
  • Assist in grant-writing;
  • Help with online teaching/mentorship;
  • Other duties as necessary.


  • Useful but optional: web and podcasting/audio skills;
  • Strong writing skills;
  • Understanding of social media platforms – especially Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter;
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills;
  • Interest in fundraising and grant-writing and research;
  • Experience in Google Drive;
  • Enthusiasm for the organization’s mission;
  • Other skills as needed per position.


PAY TYPE: Unpaid.

JOB STATUS: Part-Time, 2-8

LOCATION: Remote/Virtual.


PERIOD OF INTERNSHIP/EMPLOYMENT: Spring, Summer, Multiple Semesters/Seasons

REQUIRED DEGREE: All majors welcome.

CONTACT: Edie Meidav

HOW TO APPLY: Write with the subject heading INTERNSHIP (your name) and include a cover letter.