Intersections II: Community Arts and Education Collaborations - Print Edition





Dr. Craig Dreezsen, in collaboration with the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), Kennedy Center Alliance for Art Education, National Assembly of Local Art Agencies (NALA), and Arts Extension Service. 1992

This work builds from the work of NALAA and AES convening of institutes for 177 individuals in six cities, and the other a Kennedy Center, AES and NEA convening of 76 individuals from 14 states. This book synthesizes two parallel projects (NEA/NALAA/AES “Six Cities” study and Kennedy Center/AES/NEA institutes in fourteen states) initiated by the NEA to examine what contributes to and what blocks successful community and school partnerships on behalf of arts in education and creates a “How To” for planning and executing a partnership, including pitfalls, cultural awareness, developmental stages of a partnership, and how to address trends or change.