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Natalie Passov '21

Natalie Passov '2021

Meet Arts Extension Service student, Natalie Passov ‘21. She is a double major in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies & Communication at UMass Amherst and has taken Introduction to Arts Management, Financial Management, Arts Programming, Arts Marketing, and Arts Fundraising to complete the Arts Extension Service's Arts Management Certificate for Campus Undergraduates.

She says, “Professionally, my concentration and focus is in education policy and K-12 education reform. I am personally passionate about reforming arts education policies and promoting the benefits of this discipline in terms of a child's development. Arts advocacy is a big part of arts management; I hope to work at an NGO or Think Tank that focuses on advocacy.”

What initially interested you in AES classes and who would you recommend taking AES classes?

As a politically motivated person and an artist, I have been passionate about advocacy for the arts for years. Once I realized that Arts Management encompasses this field, I needed to jump on the opportunity. I would recommend that those who have a passion for the arts take these classes. We need passionate people to keep these sectors alive. AES courses are fascinating and help folks build their skillset and hone in on the next steps for students' desired careers.

What is a takeaway after taking Arts Extension Service classes?

My dream job in the arts is attainable.

Who inspires your personal creativity and passion?

I think back to my high school theatre directors whom I worked closely with for four years. They were phenomenal mentors and believed in the power of the arts. They saw my passion for advocacy and the personal drive I had for the arts and encouraged me to go out into the world and create tangible change. Someone has to do it, and they believed that I had the strength and passion needed for this, rather difficult, line of work.