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Fleur Kuhta

Fleur Kuhta '23

Fleur, a Commonwealth Honors College student at UMass Amherst, is majoring in Theater & Psychology and she is pursuing an Arts Management Campus Certificate with Arts Extension Service. She wants to be someone who makes theater happen! 

She says, “I have always been fascinated by how gears turn behind-the-scenes in the art world, and I initially took Introduction to Arts Management because I wanted to better understand how the theater industry works. Instead, I fell head-over-heels in love with management itself!”

Who is inspires Fleur?

She says, “One of my biggest inspirations, in life and in art, is my grandfather, Ralph Ginzburg. He was a publisher, writer, and photographer in the 1960s, famous for his bold style and unflinching activism. He had a distinct artistic vision and was a trailblazer in many of his industries. I expect my life path to be incredibly different from his, but I hope to continue his legacy by thinking outside of the box and always staying true to what I believe.”

As part of her AES Arts Management campus certificate, Fleur has completed Introduction to Arts Management, Arts Programming, & Greening Your Arts Nonprofit. This semester she is completing the AES course in Arts Marketing.

“AES classes have been a lifeline to me in this time, and have really guided my development, both as a person & an artist. My professors have helped me to identify my own strengths & passions, and to see where they can take me; furthermore, the class format has exposed me to a variety of working professionals who have shown me the possibility and adaptability afforded by arts management careers.”