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Allie Mulrow
Allie Mulrow (right)

Allie Mulrow

Meet Allie Mulrow, a career-professional and online AES student who has completed the Core Certificate in Arts Management having taken Introduction to Arts Management, Arts Marketing, Strategic Planning, and Financial Management.

How has your experience been working with the Heritage Museums & Gardens? Have you found yourself using any skills/practices learned in your AES classes?
I have worked at Heritage Museums & Gardens for 7 seasons; starting in fall of 2014. I am the Manager of Visitor Experience and oversee the admissions of the museum as well as the staff who provide gallery/garden interpretation and tours. 

Taking AES classes helped me with my administrative role, especially in budget management and strategic planning. Heritage just recently wrote a new strategic plan and the timing of my classes really helped me contribute to the shaping of the museum's future.

Allie Mulrow

Any other exciting summer plans?
I plan to travel out west to Montana to visit my grandmother and aunt. I spent summers there when I was younger and missed last year so I am making up for lost time.

Who inspires your personal creativity and passion?
I am always inspired by one of Walt Disney’s famous quotes “if you can dream of you can do it.” My family always encouraged me to follow my dreams and I have been able to follow my passions.

Allie Mulrow

What benefits have you found with online/remote learning?
I really appreciated being able to do the class lectures and work at my own pace. With a full time job that has a variable schedule it is often hard for me to commit the same time or day to any event. 

“I appreciate that remote learning allows me to fit my education into my schedule.”

Any thoughts about your experience with AES classes and/or their impact on other areas of your career and life?
These classes gave me a great outlet to connect with other museum professionals during a time when making connections was difficult due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

“Being able to talk with people around the country and world and learn about their experiences and how their arts institutions worked through the same challenges helped me gain perspective and fresh ideas on how to help my own institution.”

The program also gave me a creative outlet to stretch my mind during a time when we were all so cooped up inside. It was a great experience taking classes with AES and I would recommend it to any arts professionals who love learning and continuing to grow in their career.