Photo Contest Winners!

The 6th edition of our Fundamentals of Arts Management book features winners from our national photo contest showcasing images from artists and arts organizations from around the country. The winners of this contest are displayed below. Get your copy of Fundamentals of Arts Management today!


Title: "If Dusk Tangled With Dawn" 

Artist(s): Anna Vigeland & Cassia Project (Fiscally sponsored by Fractured Atlas) 

Photographer: Chris Petmazoglou 

Location: Athens, Greece 

Year: 2012

Description: Anna Vigeland (USA, former AES online student) and Peter Balov (Bulgaria/Canada) were invited to be artists in residence at Kinitiras, living at the studio just below the Acropolis and collaborating with Greek artists Anna Papathanasiou (a singer and painter), Katerina Toumpa (a dancer) and Stefanos Filos (a violinist and composer). The result was a cross-disciplinary performance based of the poem by young Greek poet Nikos Erinakis.

Anna, who was a UMass AES student at the time, fund-raised, coordinated, performed in, choreographed, and led the project, aided by her international collaborators. The project was funded in part by an online crowdfunding campaign.



Title: "Design Your Own T-Shirt Workshop" 

Organization: The Art Garden 

Photographer: Sienna Wildfield 

Location: Shelburne Falls, MA 

Year: 2011

Description: The Art Garden collaborated with Hilltown Families to offer a free Design Your Own T-Shirt Workshop in response to the growing commercialization of childhood and messages in kids' fashion that communicate values on physical appearance, consumerism and gender stereotypes. Participants used an assortment of materials and methods to create their own designs and unique messages, celebrating their individuality and intelligence. In this photo, Dylan proudly shows us his pompom puffer fish design.




Title: "Beneath the Surface" Community Painting Day 

Organization: Community Art Center, Cambridge Open Studios

Photographer: Liz McEachern Hall 

Location: Cambridge, MA 

Year: 2013

Description: Community artist and former AES online student Tova Speter paints with her son during Cambridge Open Studios, contributing to a collaborative mural designed and painted by youth from the Community Art Center. This project engaged local youth to creatively share what is “beneath the surface” of their community. It was inspired by the vitality of neighborhood, and was supported by Novartis. The mural is painted on the construction wall of the company’s new development in Cambridge.




Title: "Esperanza Community Mural Project" 

Organization: Casa Esperanza 

Photographer: Tova Speter 

Location: Roxbury, MA 

Year: 2010

Description: Under the direction of artists Tova Speter and Anyahlee Suderman, Casa Esperanza clients in recovery from substance addiction in the Latino community in Roxbury, MA worked together to paint a mural representing hope. This innovative, collaborative mural experience offered participants the opportunity to share ideas, engage in the design process, and paint the mural in their neighborhood. It continues to inspire their own recovery and highlight the importance of hope, Latino culture, and community support.



Title: "La Bayadere" (The Temple Dancer) 

Organization: Charleston Ballet 

Photographer: Jurgen Lorenzen 

Location: Charleston, WV 

Year: 2012

Description: Full-length collaborative ballet performance of La Bayadere with dancers from the Charleston Ballet (Official Ballet of WV) and Columbia Classical Ballet in Columbia, SC. Performed in Charleston , WV , October 19-20, 2012. La Bayadere is set in India and is a tragic love triangle story. A rich score by Minkus, first performed 1877 in St. Petersburg and contains the beautiful second act “Kingdom of the Shades.”




Title: Easthampton Bearfest, "Luminous Bear" by Crystal Popko

Organization: Easthampton City Arts + 

Photographer: Crystal Popko 

Location: Easthampton, MA 

Year: 2012

Description: The Easthampton Bear Fest is a public art project in which life-size fiberglass bears are creatively transformed by locally and nationally known artists and are highly visible throughout the downtown area of Easthampton, MA. Artists submit proposals that are juried, then offered a stipend to fulfill the chosen designs. After they have been displayed on public streets throughout the summer, the bears are sold at auction to benefit the Easthampton City arts, local schools and arts programs. This photo is of "Luminous Bear" by Crystal Popko, a mirrored glass mosaic made with hand cut waterglass in an ombre color pattern.


Title: “Students Making Quilts" 

Organization: Libby Elementary School, Special Education 

Photographer: Dr. Kimberly Rose 

Location: Carthage, Texas 

Year: 2013

Description: This is a photo of students working on creating a Mario quilt. They had so much fun creating, changing, and making the quilts, which were made with painted fabric.




Title: "In a Nutshell!" by Tandy Beal 

Organization: National Steinbeck Center 

Photographer: Laura Werde 
Location: Salinas, CA 

Year: 2012

Description: "In a Nutshell!" choreographed by world-renowned choreographer Tandy Beal, is an adventurous take on the traditional Nutcracker performance, with 65 performers, including jugglers, acrobats, and clowns. Providing the engine that makes the show go is the magnificent six-voice a cappella vocal group SoVoSo, adding lovely textures to the action on stage when they are not re-inventing the beautiful and familiar melodies of "The Nutcracker" and other carols.



Title: "Annie" The Musical 

Organization: New England Youth Theater 

Photographer: Laura Bliss 

Location: Brattleboro, VT 

Year: 2013

Description: The classic musical Annie was performed in the winter of 2013 at the New England Youth Theatre and directed by Rebecca Waxman. The photo features the characters of Annie (played by Ella Warner) and Grace Farrell, Daddy Warbuck's faithful secretary, (played by Annie Caltrider). The scene depicts Annie's first encounter with the luxurious side of NYC.





Title: "The Christmas Star", Concert 

Organization: Northwest Choral Society 

Photographer: Tom Perles 

Location: Chicago, IL 

Year: 2010

Description: Alan Wellman conducts the Northwest Choral Society, accompanied by members of Dolce Strings, in a performance of Bach's cantata, "Wie schoen leuchtet der Morgenstern" (BWV 1).



Title: "Truth" by Paul M. Kimper

Organization: Old Deerfield Productions 

Photographer: Kristin Angel 

Location: Deerfield, MA 

Year: 2012

Description: A new opera about Sojourner Truth by Paula M. Kimper with libretto by Talaya Delaney. John Thomas as Baumfree.


Title: "ORCA Media Internship Program" 

Organization: Onion River Community Access Television (ORCA) 

Photographer: Peter Arthur Weyrauch 

Location: Montpelier, VT 

Year: 2013

Description: ORCA Media is a local, non-profit television production facility operating in the Central Vermont area providing public, educational and governmental programming to the residents of Central Vermont. ORCA Media provides diverse programming and allows free use of production and post production equipment for qualified individuals as well as an intern mentoring program in television production.


Title: "'Simply Country' series Book Signing" 

Organization: Orange Arts & Culture Council 

Photographer: Lexi Crocco 

Location: Orange, CT 

Year: 2013

Description: Judy Condon, photographer/author signs a copy of Through the Garden Gate, the 25th book in her popular country decorating and garden series, “Simply Country.” The former educator turned author grew up in Orange, CT. Her new book includes two Orange gardens. The book signing event was co-sponsored by the OACC, Orange Garden Club and Case Memorial Library.


Title: Sacramento International Airport Public Art Project by Lawrence Argent

Organization: Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission 

Photographer: Jeremy Sykes 

Location: Sacramento, CA 

Year: 2011

Description: Suspended aluminum sculpture and granite and bronze sculpture titled “Leap” by Denver artist Lawrence Argent, located at the Sacramento International Airport. A rabbit appears to have leapt from the outside – in and is diving into a suitcase located in baggage claim. The rabbit is 56 feet long and 19 feet tall. The suitcase is a facsimile of a real piece of traditional luggage including cast bronze fasteners. Commissioned by the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission.


Title: "Noontime Dance at U.N. Plaza" 

Organization: San Francisco Arts Commission 

Photographer: Mackenzie Grimmer 

Location: San Francisco, CA 

Year: 2011

Description: The San Francisco Arts Commission presented a lively series of interactive dance and musical performances, created in partnership with Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, to support the transformation of a historically depressed area of the city into a cultural district with arts at its core. On November 1, 2011, former Carnaval SF Queen Elizabeth Soberanes brought U.N. Plaza to life by teaching her popular Latin Dance Grooves class, featuring a variety of Latin rhythms.


Title: “Two Blocks of Art" 

Organization: San Francisco Arts Commission 

Photographer: Glenn Halog 

Location: San Francisco, CA 

Year: 2012

Description: Urban Solutions's 2 Blocks of Art is a free art walk with over 100 artists in over 25 locations in the 6th Street and Central Market corridor, an historically depressed area of the city. The San Francisco Arts Commission enhanced the art walk with a program of live music, dance, performance, and temporary public art.


Title: "Poetry Out Loud" 

Organization: Vermont Arts Council 

Photographer: Peter Arthur Weyrauch 

Location: Montpelier, VT


Description: Poetry Out Loud is a national competition that encourages high school students to memorize and perform great poems. The program builds on the rising interest in poetry as an oral art form. Students learn about great poetry while mastering public speaking skills and building self-confidence. The program began in 2005, is presented in Vermont by the Arts Council in partnership with the Vermont Department of Education, and the Vermont Humanities Council.


Title: "Growing Native" 

Organization: Vision Maker Media 

Photographer: Shirley K. Sneve (Rosebud Sioux) 

Location: Tulalip, WA 

Year: 2012

Description: The Growing Native crew films as Tulalip Tribal Chairman Melvin R. Sheldon, Jr. grants the canoes participating in the 24th Annual Canoe Journey permission to leave.