Potters Assistant Intern, Joy Friedman, Amherst, MA

ABOUT JOY FRIEDMAN (www.joyfriedman.com)

Joy Friedman is a professional potter, dedicated to making high quality functional and decorative pottery on the wheel. Joy received a B.F.A. from the University of Colorado. She also attended Penland School of Crafts, which had a profound influence on her learning about clay. Joy apprenticed with a potter in Maine where she learned about running a pottery business and the potter’s lifestyle.

Joy produces a full line of dinnerware, bowls, dip and chip platters, lamps, pitchers, mugs, vases, ikebana, and more. Her “signature” piece is the “lace” bowl, where she designs and cuts out unique patterns along the rim of her bowls, creating a lace effect.

She formulates all of her own glazes, developing new glaze colors and textures. Her pottery is offered at craft shows, galleries, stores & via her website.Joy hopes that her unique, handmade pottery provides beauty and enjoyment in people’s everyday lives.

Joy teaches pottery at her studio at the Leverett Crafts and Arts, where she shares her contagious love of pottery with others. She teaches techniques for wheel-throwing and hand-building to students of all levels. She believes all people are creative and that they only need to learn how to express it. 


I am seeking an intern who is self-motivated, responsible, hard-working and interested in learning about the aspects of running a pottery business. This internship will offer the intern the opportunity to learn the complete process of creating pottery that’s functional and decorative and also about the business aspects. The intern will learn clay preparation, wheel-throwing, glazing, kilns, firing, shipping, doing craft fairs, and all that is required in running and marketing your own pottery business.

As the intern acquires knowledge about the production of pottery, he/she will help unload/load kilns, prepare clay, make glazes, pack and ship pottery, prepare for craft shows, clean the studio, recycle clay, put handles on pots, and if possible be able to take my pottery class.

PERIOD OF INTERNSHIP/EMPLOYMENT: Fall & Spring Semesters (two-semester commitment preferred)

PAY TYPE:  Unpaid


JOB STATUS: Part-time (8-10hrs/wk)

LOCATION: Joy Friedman Pottery, Leverett Crafts & Arts, 13 Montague Rd, Leverett MA 01054



CONTACT: email: joypots@gmail.com; phone: 413.548.9673

HOW TO APPLY:  Please send a paragraph of interest along with your contact information and hours of availability (M-F) to joypots@gmail.com