Shoemaking Intern, Simple Shoemaking, Shutesbury, MA


Sharon Raymond has been making shoes for over 25 years. She has written simple shoemaking books and taught simple shoemaking workshops for the last decade. You can acquaint yourself with Sharon’s work via her popular shoemaking videos, Facebook page, or Etsy store

Sharon wants everyone who would like to avoid factory-made footwear, or who wants to put their own creative spirit into their footwear, or who would like to reduce footwear costs, to have the option of making shoes themselves. She uses only eco-friendly materials, avoiding any petroleum-based materials and toxic cements.

During the past few years, Sharon has created a kit for making children's "First Walker" shoes. The kit is an introduction to making shoes for people of all ages. A new book developed from this effort:  How to Make the Simplest Shoes for Women: Nomocs, Lomocs and Fomocs with your own two hands!

Sharon has also written six shoemaking books, with directions and patterns for making women's shoes, children's shoes, sandals and moccasins. 


Simple Shoemaking seeks an intern who would value learning how to make simple shoes, and incorporating his or her own ideas into shoemaking.

Intern should have:

  • An interest in craft arts and the shoemaking process
  • Creativity
  • Experience in social media

Intern duties may include:

  • helping with production of shoes
  • photographing products
  • developing a creative marketing effort based on the alternative of teaching people who need footwear how to make shoes from local materials, instead of giving them shoes.  

There are a number of special projects possible for the intern depending on their interests. Simple Shoemaking is developing a summer shoe to sell at All Things Local in Amherst: an intern could learn the shoemaking process through this project.

Simple Shoemaking is also interested in marketing their training to a college-age market.

It might be possible to develop a book or electronic media together on making shoe styles that would appeal to college-age market

PERIOD OF INTERNSHIP: Spring, Fall, or Summer

PAY TYPE: Unpaid


JOB STATUS: Full or Part-time

LOCATION: Shutesbury, MA



CONTACT: Sharon Raymond,

HOW TO APPLY: Send statement of interest and resume to Sharon Raymond at