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Leap into your summer of learning with a fast and informative 6-week intensive. With our accredited online courses you can connect with colleagues and learn from the comfort of your couch. Select a single class or work towards one of our online Arts Management Certificates to obtain cutting-edge knowledge alongside renowned faculty and peers.

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Starting July 6, take Strategic Planning and Grantwriting for the Arts during the second session of compelling summer courses.

In the Strategic Planning course, learn the principles and methods of strategic planning for nonprofit organizations and critique existing plans. Ultimately students will design a planning process for your own nonprofit or a case study organization.

Develop a deep understanding of the ins and out of grantsmanship in the Grantwriting for the Arts course. Get a competitive edge by learning the hallmarks of a well-written proposal and how to locate attainable and applicable grants through in-depth research.

"This class definitely demystified the grantsmanship process for me. It was especially interesting to see the different ways that everyone individualized their organizations and proposals through stories and formatting. This gave me many ideas about what could be effective for making a proposal stand out from the crowd." says one student about Grantwriting for the Arts.

"This class definitely demystified the grantsmanship process for me."

Now, more than ever is the time to take your arts management education to the next level. Adjusting to the climate of today, Terre says, “It is particularly inspiring to witness the arts in action in this difficult time. We’ll look at current events to understand how resiliency can be built from the ground up and how we can truly serve our communities.”

Courses are available both for credit and non-credit, and have the option of being taken a la carte or as a part of our online Degree or Certificate programs.

To register for a class, learn more Courses page, choose your session, and click on “class details” below the course’s description to register. For help with registration, contact us at

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