Can an intern work from my home studio or home office? Yes, they now can!

A frequently asked question among artists and creative business people is if they can have a student intern work from their home studio or home office. For the safety of our students, the answer until August 2016 had been "Sorry, no." However, as of Fall 2016, the University has developed a way for our student's to be protected in a home studio/office based internship AND have access to invaluable local learning experiences!

If you are potential internship provider, here is what you need to do: when you submit your internship posting (see Internship FAQ for instructions), indicate that the location is your home office or home studio. AES will notify UMass HR that you are interested in working with a student in your home. HR will contact you and get information required to conduct 2 simple background checks. These background checks are done at no cost to you and will only have to be done once. Once you have cleared your background check, you will be labeled as a registered "Internship Provider" in the UMass HR system and in AES's records – the whole process should take less than two weeks, and at that point, you are officially ONE OF US! In the meantime, your internship can be posted on our website and the UMass database so you can start fielding applicants for your internship experiences. 

Any more questions? Contact us at or 413-545-2360.