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Arts Extension Service continues to be dedicated in supporting artists and arts organizations by providing education and information. Find a list below of resources of opportunities for artists, arts managers, and arts instructors. We are updating this list weekly. Find additional shared resources on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

Pandemic. Sorrow. Confusion. Anger. Loss. Hope. Vaccine. Gratitude. Dee Boyle-Clapp, Director of the Arts Extension Service, reflects on 2020.

Soon after professional ballet dancer, Madeleine Bonn, began her course of studies with Arts Extension Service, she landed her dream job as Artistic Director of Amherst Ballet.  Little did she know she would be starting her career in arts management during a global pandemic.

By Lauren Bouvier, AES student and Arts Entrepreneurship Intern

Become inspired by the possibilities by registering for Creative Economy and Placemaking with John Delconte this Winter Session.
Dee Boyle-Clapp, Director of Arts Extension Service welcomes you to Fall 2020 semester.
As internships opportunities adapt to remote experiences, more options are now available for students and providers. Kristen Flanagan, AES student, talks with Rachael, AES marketing intern, and student, about the variety of arts organizations she has connected with while at UMass.

The arts have the power to promote change, strengthen our communities, and help us reclaim our voices. When we participate in arts-related programs, such as visiting museums and watching performances, we are not just witnessing the ideas presented by artists, but also encountering the work of arts managers who have shaped and supported these cultural experiences.

An internship is the perfect introduction to the career students want to pursue. They provide opportunities for students to build their resumes and to learn in an experiential setting while testing their interests in the field.  The AES Arts Entrepreneurship Initiative and HFA Advising and Career Center, encourage students to complete at least three internships before graduation to gain experience before heading out to the job market. In these past few months, many arts and humanities organizations have been adjusting to the current climate and shifting how they provide internships.

The murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and too many others, along with the demands for racial justice across the country have underscored just how deep inequity, unchecked police brutality, and systemic racism have permeated our culture.  Inequity is clearly very much alive in America, as is the desire to use this moment to create an equitable future. Now is the time to understand how inequities have been perpetuated in and addressed by the arts.