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New Music Alliance, Holyoke, MA


The New Music Alliance is a nonprofit organization existing exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. The Alliance has come together to assist and advance the careers of talented creative local musicians who write original music and to promote the extended Western New England area as a destination for original music writing, production, and performances. 

The Alliance accomplishes these goals through public musical performances, musical competitions, festivals, fundraising events, and grant-giving.  Additional programs include songwriting workshops, mentoring programs for up-and coming musicians, collaborative cross-genre songwriting projects, and coordinated regional tours for selected local musicians.

The intern we seek is a creative person who will work with some of the senior members of the Alliance.  We are looking for an intern with skills/background/interest in some of the following areas:

Interns will be supervised by Executive Director Mark Sherry and will have the opportunity to work with and learn from other members of the NMA Board of Directors and Advisory Board who have extensive experience in the music industry, magazine and newspaper writing, event promotion, and songwriting. Interns will also be exposed to a variety of bands and musicians in the New England area.

The New Music Alliance is a new organization that is building momentum from the ground up. Interns will experience what it is like to form, grow and maintain a nonprofit organization. The internship will include attending monthly evening board meetings in Northampton, MA. Having access to the internet and transportation is necessary (though transportation will be minimal). Most work can be done wherever you have internet access.


PAY TYPE: Unpaid- can lead to paid


JOB STATUS: Part-Time (about 5 hours/week), flexible

LOCATION: Applicant can work at home mostly. Most meetings will be at Holyoke Community College.


REQUIRED DEGREE: Majors include:

  • Marketing- Social Media;
  • Communication;
  • Graphic design;
  • Music;
  • Technology/Website management & maintenance.

CONTACT: Mark Sherry

HOW TO APPLY: Resume & brief cover letter to