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Arts Management + Film Studies Internships
Student Application Process

Spend a semester at Mount Ida! SUBMIT your priority application by October 1 for best consideration. (Applications accepted through the end of Fall Semester 2019.)

For Spring 2020, the internships are focused on Film and Arts Management, with positions anticipated at Dance studios, production studios (for both music and video), museums, youth music programs, film festivals, and advocacy organizations. All students within HFA who have interest in a Semester @ Mount Ida are encouraged to e-mail us or fill out the Application.

For more info, email us at
OR Begin the application process

Priority application review begins Oct 1 2019 for Spring 2020

More information, including the below FAQ and internship listings, coming soon!


Frequently Asked Questions

What’s an internship?

An internship is an on-the-job learning experience. The Semester @ Mount Ida Internship Program connects students with internship providers in the Boston area so that students can begin to learn about the workplace environment in their fields. Learn more about internships here:

What is this?

It is similar to a semester abroad. However, in this case, your semester is spent gaining experience for your career.
You will live for the spring semester at the beautiful Mount Ida Campus in Newton, Mass. You will intern at an organization for approximately 17.5 hours each week during the semester. You will take one class, with the rest of your cohort, on Fridays, and you many students will also take two classes online.

How much will it cost?

Housing at the Mount Ida Campus of UMass Amherst will cost the same as Commonwealth Honors College Housing. Tuition remains the same as on-campus classes at the Amherst Campus.

Where will I live? Can I live there during break?

The Mount Ida Campus has a beautiful dorm called “New Hall.” You can see it here. And, yes, the housing is flexible enough to accommodate you during breaks if you need it.

What’s the food like?

UMass’ award-winning dining services will be providing meals on the Mount Ida Campus, using the same recipes they use on the Amherst Campus.

How will I get around?

The Mount Ida Campus at UMass Amherst is committed to enabling students to get around the Newton area, including to the “T,” Boston’s subway system. Currently students living on the Mount Ida Campus are granted three Uber trips per day to approved locations. (In the near future, this system will be replaced by a similar on-demand shuttle service.)

Does this change my degree?

Your degree will still be through UMass Amherst. The only difference is that the Semester @ Mount Ida Internship Program is built to help you move significantly toward adding an additional certificate (similar to what other schools call a “Minor”) in Film Studies or Arts Management. Your degree and your major remain the same.

Can I maintain my work-study arrangement?

Yes. Probably. We are working hard to make sure you WILL be able to. Details to come.

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