Kathleen McDonald

“The classes I took through Arts Extension Service shaped the direction of my career. I use the model provided in Strategic Planning for all my goals and annual plan, and the systematic outline for fundraising I learned online is what gave me the confidence to pursue a career as a fundraiser. 
Strategic Planning and Arts Fundraising changed how I think and how I operate. I am much more careful and deliberate about my goals and outcomes. It's very satisfying to balance my creative side with a purposeful, business-like outlook for how to achieve and measure results. 
The Arts Management Online courses were the first online courses I took, and at first, I was skeptical of the format. I ended up meeting colleagues in the arts from Massachusetts to California who shared similar challenges, as well as faculty with excellent industry experience to share. I regularly tell people who ask me about arts administration careers to look at this program first.”

Classes Taken: Arts Fundraising, Strategic Planning

Director of Development
Stoneham Theatre


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