Internet Record Company and Performing Artist Promotion Internship, Starry Night Records, Holyoke, MA


Bonnie Kane ( ; is an independent touring experimental musician (saxophone, flute, electronics) and co-owner (with partner/husband/musician, Scott Prato) of SNR buys and sells vinyl record collections world wide with sites on eBay, Discogs, and Amazon. The two are the very definition of "working artists".  The vision that they can impart is one of how to grow into your art (instead of out), and make the whole thing work - along with a way to run a successful online business.

Interns will have the chance to get deep into the workings of their chosen area, with plenty of time for questions and insight, beyond the actual tasks.

Internship areas include projects in:

- performing arts promotion

- performing arts research

- refining of business systems (accounts)

- record processing for online production

- social media promotion

Additional benefits of interning here will be the opportunity to get exposure to a massive jazz and rock music library; go to experimental music shows; learn how to sell anything online; learn how to manage one's time in an independent business.


All projects require the ability to type, work on Mac computers, familiarity or ability to take instruction in Photoshop, BBedit, Filemaker Pro, Final Cut Express, iMovie, perform online research…

The opportunity can be tailored to an intern's interests. 

Possible projects include:

- refinement of web and youtube sites

- record processing: cleaning, database work, digital photography, library maintenance, packing/shipping

- video / photo editing; audio editing

- developing a more efficient bookkeeping system

- research into avante garde, experimental, music festivals

- development of timetable for festival application; refining of festival application materials

- potentially going out on local record purchases - learning to negotiate deals (applicable to any financial situation)

PERIOD OF INTERNSHIP/EMPLOYMENT:  Fall Semester starting in October

PAY TYPE: Unpaid but we will feed you!


JOB STATUS: Part time:  4-8 hours per week ( 2) 4 hour shifts

LOCATION: Holyoke downtown loft


 REQUIRED DEGREE: None; good for majors in music, performing arts, arts management, entrepreneurship, business

 CONTACT: Bonnie Kane,

 HOW TO APPLY: Email a letter of interest to


-Why you are interested
-Any relevant experience
-Your major
-Phone #