Gallery Intern (PAID), Art for the Soul Gallery, Springfield, MA


Art for the Soul Gallery was established to provide a venue where artists of all cultures can exhibit and sell their work. Based in downtown Springfield, the space was created to represent and promote the work of emerging local artists that reflect the diverse cultures of the global society. Art for the Soul Gallery’s educational mission is to provide cultural enrichment to the community by providing a rigorous curriculum, integrating both historical perspectives and the emerging social/political issues that define our times; cultivating a safe public space for personal and collective inquiry through workshops for adults, children and artists. The gallery will host lectures, readings and exhibits in conjunction with the non-for-profit groups whose mission reflects the mission and educational objectives of the gallery. Art for the Soul is in the former Baystate West Mall, now called Tower Square.

The gallery is part of the Creative Economy Movement, and hopes to promote other pop-up galleries in Downtown Springfield.  

Art for the Soul Gallery was formerly known as Artist Square Gallery - you can check out their Facebook page.


Art for the Soul Gallery offers two internships each spring, summer, and fall. An internship at Art for the Soul Gallery is a terrific opportunity to pursue an interest in arts management and to become more intimately involved within the daily operations of the gallery.

Gallery interns will play a role in effecting tangible change in gallery practices and programming. Through the development of personal projects, interns will benefit the Gallery and create resume building work that he/she can be proud of. In addition, interns will have the opportunity to learn gallery management skills that, otherwise, would be difficult to acquire, including a knowledge of practices and procedures to prepare exhibits for shipping, receiving, storage, preservation, installation and disassembly, as well as the research into artists and their work required from curation.


The Art for the Soul Gallery intern’s duties will include both assistance with clerical gallery procedures and events as well as research, development, and implementation of multiple self-initiated projects. Past projects have included galleries in honor of Black History Month and National Disability Awareness Month. Interns are also invited to propose their own exhibition to curate with their work and the work of their peers, as long as it fits with the mission and values of the gallery.

In addition to their projects, one of the primary roles of the intern will be to help staff the Gallery and maintain the daily operations of the gallery. This includes engaging with visitors to the gallery, facilitating art sales, cleaning, and minor/routine maintenance. The intern may also be involved in maintaining inventory records and management systems, updating and producing content for social media, and installing exhibitions. Interns will be expected to staff the gallery for approximately 6-8 hours per week (at least 20 hours during the summer). 


To be an Art for the Soul Gallery intern you must be currently enrolled in a college or university and express a legitimate interest in the mission and goals of the gallery. Art for the Soul Gallery does not require that applicants be in a certain grade-level. Instead, we encourage students to apply who are mature and established in their course of study and able to commit to the hours required.

Proficiency with MS Word, Excel, and social media platforms (Facebook) required. 

PERIOD OF INTERNSHIP: Summer, Fall, or Spring

PAY TYPE: Paid; $100/month.


JOB STATUS: Part-time, 6-20 hours

LOCATION: Springfield, MA


REQUIRED DEGREE: None; see Qualifications above. 

CONTACT: Rosemary Tracy Woods, 

HOW TO APPLY: Send completed application form (attached below to this webpage), cover letter and resume to Rosemary Tracy Woods at