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Development/Marketing Intern, Young@Heart Chorus, Florence MA

Our Story
What started out in 1982 at a Western Massachusetts elderly housing project to joyfully pass the time instead of passing before your time has developed into the stereotype-defying generation-crossing musical extravaganza better known as the Young@Heart Chorus. From The New York Times to TIME The Ellen Show to The Daily Show and stars of the hit Fox Searchlight documentary “Young@Heart" this group of seniors ranging in age from 73-92 has performed from Northampton to New Zealand Europe to Japan on over 30 international tours proving it’s “possible to grow old without growing boring.”

Our Mission
The Young@Heart Chorus strives to present a positive image of aging through music. Born of a belief that the often-marginalized elderly can make great contributions to art we perform songs not commonly sung by older people to build bridges between communities and create shared musical experiences for young and old alike. Young@Heart works to show that age is never a barrier to making great music and that no life circumstance should act as a barrier to participating in or enjoying it. Young At Heart Chorus Inc is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


  • Create and send monthly/quarterly e-newsletter (ongoing);
  • Develop a more robust social media strategy (ongoing);
  • Implement Kickstarter benefits at album launch (project);
  • Enter gifts and send donor acknowledgments (ongoing);
  • Support for any crowdfunding or online giving campaigns we have in summer/fall (project);
  • Follow up by phone with past and potential new advertisers for concert program book (project);
  • Interview and write short member spotlights of Y@H singers for sharing on social media / website.


JOB STATUS: 8-10 hours (half the hours would be done remotely) per week.

LOCATION: Florence, MA and remote