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Design, Technology, and Stage Management, The Performance Project, Springfield MA (Work Study)

Our Mission
The Performance Project is a community of many ages and ancestries that engages young people in intensive artistic training, intergenerational mentoring, leadership development, and community building through the arts.

Our Vision
The Performance Project envisions a world in which all people strive for personal and social liberation, where all individuals and cultures are honored, embrace interconnectedness, and we all are free to achieve our full potential.


  • Inter-Generational / Inter-Cultural Mentoring Community;
  • We recognize that we are all learning from each other;
  • We draw upon the many skills within our group;
  • We build capacity within our group - members support and mentor each other;
  • We nurture youth leadershipl
  • We encourage healthy risk takingl
  • We form life-long caring relationships over multiple generations.

Artistic Training / Cultural Activism

  • We are committed to artistic excellence;
  • We are committed to quality artistic training with talented professionals;
  • We set the bar high and members experience the benefits of an intense work ethic;
  • We ask a level of commitment that stretches most youth’s experience (time, energy , duration of projects);
  • We encourage healthy risk taking;
  • The high quality of our artistic work opens doors and creates opportunities for members;
  • We practice art as a form of cultural activism.

Social Justice / Community Engagement

  • We engage in self-education, analysis, dialogue, and coalition building;
  • We develop critical thinking skills and global awareness;
  • We find every opportunity for access;
  • We support members to identify and commit to ambitious education and professional goals;
  • We spend time on college campuses and traveling;
  • We create performances and visual art that connect the personal to systemic and global issues;
  • We support under-represented voices and youth leadership initiatives;
  • We claim a public voice and seek opportunities for community engagement.

In First Generation, young adults, age 15 and up create and perform original, multi-lingual physical theater based on their life experiences and personal narratives.

Please contact us for more information if you are interested in one of these positions:

  • Stage Management
  • Lighting design and/or electrics
  • Sound design and/or board operation

PERIOD OF INTERNSHIP/EMPLOYMENT: Fall, Spring, Summer, Multiple Semesters/Seasons

PAY TYPE: Unpaid or Work Study


JOB STATUS: Part-Time, 5 – 10 hours/week during academic year, 5 – 20 Summer.

INTERNSHIP MODE: In-Person or Hybrid. Contact us for the current rehearsal schedule.



CONTACT: Finn Lefevre, admin@performanceproject.org

HOW TO APPLY: Send resume and cover letter to Finn Lefevre, admin@performanceproject.org