Online Certificates

The Arts Extension Service offers three online Certificates in Arts Management. 

  • Core Certificate: earned by successfully completing four of our online courses (with the exception of Foundations in Arts Entrepreneurship).
    • Introduction to Arts Management may be a required course depending on your level of experience. See more information about waiving Introduction to Arts Management here.
    • No application process necessary. Read more here.
  • Professional Certificate: earned by successfully completing eight of our online courses.
    • This certificate is ideal for those interested in a full spectrum of training, from core (Fundraising, Marketing, and Financial Management) to advanced skills.
    • Introduction to Arts Management may be required course depending on your level of experience. See more information about waiving Introduction to Arts Management here.
    • No application process necessary. Read more here.
  • Leadership Certificate: an advanced, four course online certificate designed for arts managers with a minimum of three years of varied experience in the arts management field.
    • Unlike the Core or Professional Certificates, the Leadership Certificate offers a specific course of study focusing on our advanced classes.
    • There is a competitive application process. The certificate can be started in any semester, but there are deadlines to apply. Read more here.

Our online certificates have two important options that meet your unique needs:

The Noncredit Option is the choice for those who want to:

  • Demonstrate their commitment to the field but do not need another degree
  • Save money!  Noncredit students save nearly 50% of the Credit classes, yet instructors still provide personal attention.
  • Focus on the learning and not on a grade. Noncredit students receive a Pass/Fail as a final grade (to pass you must finish with the equivalent of a C), and have no transcripts.

The Credit Option is the choice for those who:

Need CEU’s (Continuing Education Units) and a University transcript as proof of completion.

  • Get tuition reimbursement from an employer or scholarship that requires earned credits.
  • Are planning to complete a degree and would like to earn transferrable credits.

The AES Advantage: 

Our Arts Management Certificates are 100% online and have NO residency requirement, saving you travel, time, money, and making it possible for you to take our classes anywhere that you have internet access.

  • Unlike some other programs, there is no additional fee to receive your certificate.
  • Small class size gives you the opportunity to work closely with faculty and peers.
  • Our faculty are nationally-recognized as leaders in their respective fields, each with 10+ years of experience. Many have written chapters in our textbook Fundamentals of Arts Management, 6th edition!
  • Only one textbook is required for the majority of classes – the Fundamentals of Arts Management, 6th edition.
  • As part of the University of Massachusetts Amherst you will have access to both a world-class online library and the National Arts Policy Archive and Library which hosts 50 years of documents from the NEA, AES, NASAA, and TAAC.

If pursuing the Core or Professional Certificate, once you have completed your required number of classes please request your certificate using the form below and return it to our office at aes@acad.umass.eduNote: Starting in the Fall of 2015, Foundations in Arts Entrepreneurship will only count towards the Professional Certificate, not the Core Certificate. If you took Foundations prior to Fall 2015, you may apply it to the Core Certificate.