UMass Amherst’s arts and humanities departments offer the region a rich and vast resource - arts students who need and want internships! Through the Arts Entrepreneurship Initiative, students will be connected with internships that provide critical practical skills in operating an arts-based business or non-profits arts organization, while working artists or arts-based businesses will be provided with the help they need to thrive.

STUDENTS: Click here for Current Arts and Culture Internship and Job Postings.

PROVIDERS: If you are interested in posting an internship, please read our Frequently Asked Questions about Internships page which includes information and forms.

Students nationwide are currently encouraged to complete an average of three internships before they graduate so they can compete for a post-graduation job, meaning that approximately 2000 UMass Amherst art, art history, English, music, film, dance, and other students are actively looking for internships through the school year and the summer months. Arts Internships are historically hard to find, but in this region, with so many working artists and artist-based businesses, the Arts Entrepreneurship Initiative will work to make more internships possible.

The Arts Entrepreneurship Initiative and our partners, HFA Advising and Career Center and UMass Amherst Career Services, will offer periodic regional information sessions called Interns for Artists, Arts-Based Businesses and Non-Profits for prospective internship providers to answer questions and to share how to:

  • Become an internship site.
  • Make the most of your internship opportunity.
  • Empower interns to learn what they need and want to.
  • Register with UMass Career Services as an internship provider.

The Arts Extension Service will also promote registered arts-based internship opportunities among our arts and humanities students.