Artist Assistant Internship, Valerie Gilman, Shutesbury, MA


Valerie Gilman is a potter and sculptor who makes work that speaks to the connection of body and psyche, and expresses those tender places that cannot be spoken. Her art work can be seen at She shows and sells in Amherst at Gallery A3, at open studio events, on Etsy and in the Paradise City Arts festival in Northampton in October. She is always looking for more opportunities. She earned her MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and, having been a college professor teaching art for over 14 years, she is still very interested in working with college students to help them learn, grown and develop as artists or professionals within the art world.

She also has a business called Taproot Arts and Insight that is dedicated to helping people who want to make real and meaningful art and struggle with the challenges of maintaining belief in themselves as artists. See more at


If you think you might want to pursue a career as an artist, in arts management or in marketing this is a great opportunity. Dependent on their interests and skills, interns have the opportunity to learn how to:

·       Develop marketing materials both digitally and in print form.

·       Discover, assess and create professional art opportunities

·       Shoot professional quality photos of art work

·       Load and fire kilns and maintain kiln furniture

·       Maintain studio materials in a functioning ceramic studio

·       Prepare art work for sale

Potential tasks involve:

·       Assist in photo shoots

·       Assist in loading and firing kiln

·       Assist in studio maintenance

·       Assist in packing and shipping artwork

·       Assist in maintaining etsy site

·       Research opportunities for shows and grants

·       Assist in open studio event

·       Assist in creating, setting up, manning and tearing down a booth display at a craft show

·       Other tasks that seem appropriate to your skills, interests and desires to learn

PERIOD OF INTERNSHIP/EMPLOYMENT: Fall and/or spring Semester

PAY TYPE: Unpaid


JOB STATUS: Part-time; 4-6 hours/week

LOCATION: Shutesbury MA- 15 minutes from UMass campus


REQUIRED DEGREE: None; undergrads, grads, or post-grads welcome

CONTACT:  Valerie Gilman,

HOW TO APPLY: Email me at with a cover letter and resume and contact info for 2-3 references. Make sure to answer the following questions: why does this opportunity sound interesting to you? What are you hoping to learn? What experience or education do you have that relates? How does it fit into your educational or career goals?