Artist Assistant Intern (Photography), Leslie Cerier, Shutesbury/Amherst, MA


I am Leslie Cerier, an award winning nature photographer, who's current body of work, “Photographing the Jewels in the Water” is about Light, Water and Transformation. When I take my camera into the woods, I feel my connection with the forest. It's like meditating – a way to get back to my own true nature. The sun calls me to a particular spot and I click the shutter when I see that rich, afternoon light..dancing light. They are a celebration of New England seen through the eye of my heart. My work is about inspiration and healing – about being so present in the moment that everything vibrates and shines. These photographs are about sun light. I see perfection in nature – patterns – artistic jewels that reveal themselves. Printed on canvas up to 60”x 40”, they look painting-like, and can be looked at from different angles. No one right way to hang and explore them. Sold with horizontal and vertical wires; folks can rotate them on the wall, and the creative process does not end with me. My photographs hang in many private collections: homes, offices, and hospitals. I also sell my work off the walls in my home gallery integrating sustain-ability and organic lifestyle.


Imagine working in a beautiful passive solar home/gallery in the woods, 10 minutes from Amherst center. Through Leslie's organic lifestyle and award winning nature photography, come learn how to communicate the grace and ease of living the super luscious life of a devoted art of self care advocate and visual artist. Integrating the themes of sustain-ability and organic lifestyle, we will find more places and clients to enjoy my work. Set up a bigger online presence and store. You will learn to work with social media, apply for shows and grants, and also help with a local show this November in the valley. You will have networking opportunities and confidence building skills for your own work. I am also part of a local women artist collective and you can come to meetings and learn how to create an audience for shows, be exposed to other gifted and accomplished artists: sculpture, pottery, painting, and fiber arts. We will also explore printing my artwork on fabric to create clothes, bags, and more. Intern should have a car, experience with social media, mac (apple computer) savvy, be creative, and grounded. As an internationally recognized vegetarian organic farm to table chef, author, and educator, I will offer healthy and delicious snacks.

PERIOD OF INTERNSHIP/EMPLOYMENT:  Fall 2017 semester and longer, if we are a good match

PAY TYPE: unpaid (organic and delicious snacks offered)


JOB STATUS:  Part-time, flexible hours, or 1 day a week

LOCATION: 58 Schoolhouse Road, Shutesbury, MA and some work from the comfort of your home also fine.


REQUIRED DEGREE: Open to all Majors though business marketing and arts would be helpful

CONTACT: Leslie Cerier

HOW TO APPLY: resume, cover letter, paragraph of interest emailed to email address listed