Vendor Licensing

The University of Massachusetts Trademark and Licensing Administration oversees the licensing of all vendors creating UMass branded products both at retail and for custom-made merchandise orders using UMass Trademarks. Licensing helps ensure that the UMass brand only makes it onto quality materials and products. Please contact UMass System Trademark & Licensing Coordinator Jonathan Sliva to begin the Licensing Process and receive the application materials necessary to be recognized by the public and University system as a Licensed Vendor authorized to sell UMass Licensed merchandise!

Email: | Phone: (413) 577-8124

“Commercial use includes the manufacture of all consumer products, services, advertising, domain names, sponsorship and promotion sold, distributed or given away  through marketing channel including the world wide web”.  (Trademark & Licensing Policy #T01-025, May 02, 2001)


UMass License Agreements

Vendors may apply for collegiate license agreements with the University for both manufactured and handmade products. To begin the licensing process, please fill out an application through the BrandComply College Licensing Platform at this link. Once the Trademark & Licensing staff has reviewed your application and materials, you will be contacted concerning next steps. All product samples should be sent to:

815 Campus Center

One Campus Center Way
Amherst, MA 01003-9243


License Pricing

The following table lists current license pricing and is subject to change.

UMass (All Campuses)   
  • Administrative Fee: $50 Annually
  • Royalty Advance: $200 Non-refundable Annually


UMass Crafter's License
(Amherst & Four Campus)

  • Agreement Advance (1-Year Term): $100


​Quarterly Royalty Reporting

Licensees must submit quarterly sales and royalty reports (available below) regardless of zero sales for the following sales periods:

January 1 - March 31    (on/before April 30)
April 1 - June 30    (on/before July 31)
July 1 - September 30  (on/before Oct. 31)
October 31 - December 31 (on/before Jan. 31)


Tagging (Collegiate Licensed Product Labels & Hangtags)

We require all of our retail licensees to attach the Collegiate Licensed Product Authorization labels, hangtags or stickers onto each of their products. Screen printers and Custom Order vendors are not required to use these tags for anything being custom made, but do require authorization to use UMass trademarks and insignia from the University Trademark and Licensing Administration. To purchase labels, hangtags, and stickers, please visit the Collegiate Licensed Properties website.

With this label, alumni, students, fans and supporters know they are buying a product of quality and authenticity that has been manufactured in accordance with University standards. At the University of Massachusetts, net revenues generated through the sale of licensed merchandise support the University’s general fund for each of the five UMass campuses. Products that do not bear the label, but use the marks of the University of Massachusetts, may represent infringement of the trademark laws.