Trademark & Licensing

The University of Massachusetts Trademark and Licensing Administration exists to protect the names and identifying marks of the five UMASS campuses through establishing license agreements and authorizing the use of the University’s indicia, names, seal, slogans and logos (Marks) on high quality and tasteful merchandise and services. The Trademark and Licensing office holds the responsibility of maintaining, licensing, and protecting the University Marks as well as actively enforcing the unauthorized use of marks, names and logos of on and off campus. Trademarks are directly protected by law via state and federal trademark registrations as well as by Common Law.

The UMass Trademark and Licensing Administration’s mission is to ensure the public can identify with and trust the quality of any product bearing an official athletic department mark. To do so, the Licensing Office works to

  • Protect the University of Massachusetts image and reputation to ensure that companies using UMass trademarks are licensed,
  • Promote the brand and reputation of UMass through quality, licensed products,
  • Preserve the value of the University's trademarks, and
  • Provide additional funding for a variety of academic and athletic programs through royalties from the sale of officially licensed products

When purchasing University of Massachusetts items, always look for the "Officially Licensed Collegiate Product" hologram sticker attached to the product!

Students, University departments and registered campus organizations that wish to use University identifying marks on their internal merchandise must hire licensed vendors that have obtained prior permission to use University marks by securing trademark licenses and meet the Fair Labor Association (FLA) & Workers Rights Consortium (WRC) requirements. Any individual or group seeking a merchandise order that bears the University Marks must contact the University Trademark and Licensing Administration for a royalty waiver and permission to use the University Marks on distributed goods. Approved Licensees and manufacturers must provide proof of liability insurance as well as abide by the Code of Conduct set forth in their License Agreement. For more information and forms, please see the links provided on this page or contact our office at 413-577-8125 for assistance.