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Student Auxiliary Sustainability/Waste Reduction Coordinator

Position Description: 




The UMass Auxiliary Sustainability department is in the midst of several exciting projects and are continuously working to expand and improve our efforts. The Sustainability/Food Waste Reduction Coordinators will focus on site specific food waste reduction efforts in the dining commons. There are openings for 4-8 students to be leaders for the food waste monitoring system and food waste reduction initiatives.


The coordinators will work closely with the Auxiliary Sustainability Department Director and staff to measure food waste, monitor food waste data, and engage students and staff in food waste reduction.


Weekly Structure/Monthly Structure: The student Sustainability/Food Waste Reduction Coordinators will be assigned to a dining common and commit to two-three, 2-4 hour shifts per week. Time of day is flexible.  The coordinators will also monitor food waste data for accuracy and reporting and meet weekly with the Director of Sustainability and staff to discuss progress and challenges related to food waste and propose, develop, and implement staff and student engagement strategies and participate in the monthly meetings of the Sustainability Team.



This role will focus on food waste measurement, data management, and education/outreach for food waste reduction that is congruent with Auxiliary Enterprises’ sustainability values and goals.



All tasks agreed upon by Sustainability Director, Regional Food System Coordinator, Dining Common managers, and Student Sustainability/Food Waste Reduction Coordinators.


Student Sustainability/Food Waste Reduction Coordinators will be responsible for on-site food waste measurement, data monitoring, drafts of status reports, communications/promotional material, engagement strategies, and inclusive process/practices.



Start Date: 9/6/2022  

Compensation: The Student Sustainability/Waste Reduction Coordinator works 10-15 hours per week at a rate of $16.50 per hour.








Kathy Wicks

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