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Student Sustainability Coordinator: Real Food Auditor

Student Sustainability Coordinator: Real Food Auditor


Job Description: The Real Food Auditor works with the Director of Sustainability for Auxiliary Enterprise to audit UMass' food purchasing as part of the campus' commitment to the procurement of local, sustainable, defined by the Real Food guidelines, as local/community based, humane, fair, and/or ecologically sound food. The Real Food Auditor will also collect supplemental sustainable food related data for the UMass AASHE STARS report and work with the UMass AASHE STARS team to include the Real Food Data and supplemental food procurement data in the upcoming STARS.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Working in the FoodPro inventory system to tag items with Real Food identifiers
  • Auditing a representative sample of campus food purchases (2 months)
  • Online training by Real Food Challenge organization
  • Researching the source of each product purchased by UMass’s Dining and identifying whether each product meets the Real Food criteria, as defined by the Real Food Guide
  • Working with UMass Dining data and tracking team to identify accurate, transparent, mutually agreeable financial information.
  • Uploading results to the Real Food Calculator web application
  • Developing reports on the Real Food data to present to a variety of audiences.
  • Attending STARS reporting team meetings.


  • Must be an undergraduate student with at least three semesters remaining
  • Must be willing to commit to working Fall, and Spring semester with the possibility of working in the Summer.
  • Research experience
  • Experience with Microsoft Excel
  • Data entry and management experience
  • Good communication skills
  • Knowledgeable about sustainability and food systems.


To apply, send a cover letter explaining your qualifications, including experience with online research, auditing, and data management; a resume; and the name and contact information of two references to

Start Date September 2022

Weekly hours 10-20 hours per week

Compensation $15/hour


How to Apply: Email, Send Resume, See instructions in job description

Name/Company: Kathy Wicks, Director of Sustainability/Auxiliary Enterprises

Email address:

Wage: 16.50
Location: Sustainability
Manager: Kathy Wicks
Contact Info:

Student Janitor

  1. Removes trash and waste from assigned areas and places at designated site to ensure clean and sanitary conditions and the proper handling of recyclable materials.
  2. Washes trash and waste receptacles by scrubbing containers and rinsing with hose to provide sanitary conditions and minimize pest infestation.
  3. Maintains walls, ceilings, doors and horizontal surfaces by dusting and washing with detergent solutions to provide a clean and attractive facility.
  4. Maintains furniture by dusting, washing with detergent solution and polishing to provide a clean and attractive facility.
  5. Cleans glass and mirrors by washing with glass cleaning solution to provide a clean and attractive facility.
  6. Maintains carpeted areas by vacuuming and spot cleaning to prolong life of carpet and maintain a clean and attractive facility.
  7. Maintains hard floor surfaces by sweeping, mopping, stripping and waxing to prolong life of floor surfaces and maintain a clean and attractive facility.
  8. Assists in keeping exterior areas immediately adjacent to buildings clean by sweeping, removing trash, and removing snow and ice to maintain safe and attractive entrances to our facilities.

Moves and arranges furniture per specific room plans and to accommodate needs.

Wage: TBD
Location: Campus Center
Job Times: Varies
Manager: Timothy Woods
Contact Info:

Student Auxiliary Sustainability/Waste Reduction Coordinator




The UMass Auxiliary Sustainability department is in the midst of several exciting projects and are continuously working to expand and improve our efforts. The Sustainability/Food Waste Reduction Coordinators will focus on site specific food waste reduction efforts in the dining commons. There are openings for 4-8 students to be leaders for the food waste monitoring system and food waste reduction initiatives.


The coordinators will work closely with the Auxiliary Sustainability Department Director and staff to measure food waste, monitor food waste data, and engage students and staff in food waste reduction.


Weekly Structure/Monthly Structure: The student Sustainability/Food Waste Reduction Coordinators will be assigned to a dining common and commit to two-three, 2-4 hour shifts per week. Time of day is flexible.  The coordinators will also monitor food waste data for accuracy and reporting and meet weekly with the Director of Sustainability and staff to discuss progress and challenges related to food waste and propose, develop, and implement staff and student engagement strategies and participate in the monthly meetings of the Sustainability Team.



This role will focus on food waste measurement, data management, and education/outreach for food waste reduction that is congruent with Auxiliary Enterprises’ sustainability values and goals.



All tasks agreed upon by Sustainability Director, Regional Food System Coordinator, Dining Common managers, and Student Sustainability/Food Waste Reduction Coordinators.


Student Sustainability/Food Waste Reduction Coordinators will be responsible for on-site food waste measurement, data monitoring, drafts of status reports, communications/promotional material, engagement strategies, and inclusive process/practices.



Start Date: 9/6/2022  

Compensation: The Student Sustainability/Waste Reduction Coordinator works 10-15 hours per week at a rate of $16.50 per hour.



Wage: 16.50
Location: Sustainability
Manager: Kathy Wicks
Contact Info:

All Locations Hiring

Welcome and thank you for your interest in employment with UMass Dining. We look forward to having you join our team!

Dining Services can offer you a paycheck and much more. Consider the following benefits received by all of Dining Services' student employees:

We will schedule your work around your classes.

Advancement to become a student leader.

Free meals when you work.

Earn pay increases based on longevity.

Valuable work experience for your resume.

Recognition for outstanding work.

Chances to meet a variety of people.


Specific duties as a food service assistant:

Preparation and serving of meals

Assist in preparation of food set-up, service and clean-up in dining facilities.

Good public relations skills necessary.

Assist in preparation of food set-up, service and clean-up in dining facilities

Banquet and catering services for university organizations and the general public. (Catering department)

Staff training and development.


Student Leaders duties may include those of a food assistant as needed.

Provide courteous, professional service to guests/patrons.

Assist in preparation of food set-up, service and clean-up in dining facilities.

Assist with training of new student employees.

Supervise student food assistant staff.

Excellent communication and organizational skills required along with the ability to work effectively with a variety of people


Apply now for a positon with UMass Dining-

Complete the pdf fillable student application on the top left and email it to the manager (listed below) of your desired location.

Berkshire – Carl Ketchen

Worcester – Emily Boudreau

Franklin – Marc Morrissette

Hampshire – Pete Allard

Catering – Cynthia Nardulli

Blue Wall – Lynn Pelkey

Bakeshop – Pamela Adams

Library Cafe - Dianne Tenanes 

 ISB, Furcolo, Marcus, OIT, Snack Overflow & Cafes- Steph Stacey--



Wage: TBD
Location: ALL
Job Times: Food Service Assistant/ Leaders
Manager: TBD