The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Careers with Auxiliary Enterprises

Available Auxiliary Enterprises Jobs Updated 04-20-22


Cook I

Cook I (Catering)
Cook I (Catering)
Cook I (Food Trucks)
Cook I (Harvest)
Cook I (Worcester DC)


Culinary Worker II

Culinary Worker II ( Worcester DC 8 Positions)
Culinary Worker II (Blue Wall 2 positions)
Culinary Worker II (Franklin DC 2 Positions)
Culinary Worker II (Grill)
Culinary Worker II (Star Ginger)
Culinary Worker II (Star Ginger)
Culinary Worker II (Worcester DC - 3 Positions)
Culinary Worker II (Worcester DC)
Culinary Worker II (Worcester DC)
Culinary Worker II Worcester DC)


Departmental Assistant

Departmental Assistant (Hotel- Housekeeping)
Departmental Assistant- Kitchen Assistant
Departmental Assistant- Kitchen Assistant (Bluewall)


Dietary Worker

Dietary Worker I (Blue Wall)
Dietary Worker I (Bluewall - 2 Positions)
Dietary Worker I (Franklin DC 10 Positions)
Dietary Worker I (Hampshire DC 3 positions)


Dining Hall Supervisor

Dining Hall Supervisor U of M (Catering)
Dining Hall Supervisor U of M (Mt Ida Campus)



Maintainer I (Franklin DC)
Maintainer I (Hotel Housekeeper - 2 Positions)
Maintainer I (Hotel UMass- Housekeeper)
Maintainer I (Hotel UMass- Housekeeper)



Pot Washer II ( Berkshire DC 2 Positions)
Pot Washer II (Bluewall - 2 Positions)
Pot Washer II (Frankline DC)
Pot Washer II (Worcester DC)



Storekeeper I (CC Loading Dock)
Storekeeper II (CC Loading Dock)


Misc Positions

Executive Sous Chef (Residential Dining)
Accommodations Clerk II U Of M
AE Business Svc & Oper Mgr
Asst Snack Bar Manager (Blue Wall)
Cake Decorator (Baker II)
Clerical Assistant- (Hotel Front Desk Clerk)
Clerk IV (Conference Services)
Conference Coordinator/Registrar
Head Dish Room Attendant (Berkshire DC)


Student Jobs

Auxiliary Services employs more than 1,000 UMass students. We have positions in the Campus Center, Hotel, Dining Commons and our administrative offices. Contact the manager listed with the job that interests you by e-mail (listed by the job) or visit them in person. Working with Auxiliary Enterprises is a great way to make friends from all over campus, help pay the bills, and learn from the people who make UMass work. Check out our list of OPEN JOBS and if you have questions or concerns, visit the Auxiliary Enterprises Division located on the ninth floor of the Campus Center, Rm. 918. We are open Monday thru Friday from 8:00am-5:00pm.


Apply now for a positon with UMass Dining by reaching out to one of the managers listed below:

Berkshire Dining Common – Carl Ketchen

Worcester Dining Common – Emily Boudreau

Franklin Dining Common – Marc Morrissette

Hampshire Dining Common– Pete Allard

Catering – Cynthia Nardulli

Blue Wall, Campus Center – Lynn Pelkey

Bakeshop – Pamela Adams

Procrastination Station (Library Cafe) - Dianne Tenanes 

Worcester Cafe, ISB, Furcolo, Marcus, OIT, Snack Overflow & Cafes- Steph Stacey

The Commonwealth Restaurant – Valerie Maurer





Next Steps for New Employees

New employees must complete an online training and submit several forms before they can get paid. To make sure that your HR paperwork is filled out properly, please be aware of the following:

  • All new employees​ must bring original documents as valid forms of identification. Photocopies and faxed documents are not acceptable. 
  • Please have your bank name, routing number, and account number available (this is NOT the number on your debit/credit card).
  • Please have the information that is necessary to complete your Federal and State tax forms (e.g. knowing the number of allowances you would like to claim or whether you will claim as exempt from taxes). If you need to consult with a parent or guardian, please do so in advance.
  • Once you have received your HR Hiring Packet you must return the completed packet to HR within three business days.

Tips for Your Job Hunt

If you are looking for a job, please do NOT leave phone messages for the supervisor during the first week of the semester. Because it is such a busy time they will likely be unable to get back to you. The best and only way to communicate with a supervisor in the first week is to visit them in person.

Don't worry about your class vs. work schedule. You and your supervisor will work that out once you know what classes you are in once the work schedule settles down by the second or third week. Auxiliary Enterprises is very flexible when it comes to your studies. After all, that's what you are here for.