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Human Resources & Organizational Development


Our department is responsible for the Human Resources and Organizational Development activities for the Auxiliary Services Division at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. If you can’t find the information you are looking for or are looking for the website for the campus-wide Human Resources office, you can find it at


In response to the recommendations for social distancing as a way to flatten the curve of COVID19, effective immediately our office will begin providing remote support until further notice.   As we work to ensure a timely and effective response to all inquiries during this time, we will be using email as our main form of communication we will respond by email as soon as possible.   It is our goal to continue to provide full service support. We appreciate your patience as we adapt our procedures accordingly.




Happy New Year from Auxiliary Enterprises Human Resources Department

 We look forward to a positive and productive Spring Semester! In effort to start the semester off on the right foot, I wanted to provide you with a couple of updates happening in AE Human Resources.

First, Human Resources pledged to walk the AE Core Values walk (Integrity, Impact, Sustainability, People, and Excellence). Which means we will be working on incorporating each of the core values in everything we do. We ask that you join us in this challenge. Sounds difficult right? No. Just ask yourself, “is what I am doing consistent with our core values?” If the answer is no, rethink what you are doing!

Second, in effort to support the AE operations and your colleagues that make it all happen, HR will be working with your managers to help create a more engaged workforce, a happier work force, and a more fulfilled workforce. One of the first steps towards this endeavor is working towards setting consistent expectations and holding colleagues accountable to those expectations. Everyone should be stepping up their game the way you are, right?

Next, we will be working to make employee training and development a priority in your departments. Not that you are not already perfect, but it is always a good look to work on our skills!

Also, we will be working with your managers on ways to acknowledge all the good work you do and the efforts you make towards improvements! That never hurts, right?

Lastly, we want more input from you about how you feel about things around here! I am a big believer in getting as much of the nitty gritty that I can. What better way to get the good stuff to better to serve my group? As such, I am actively working on a means to allow for such open communication. There will be more on that to come (as soon as I figure it out). In the meantime, welcome back and Happy New Year! I look forward to seeing you soon!

Best Regards, Tanzi