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Academic Status

Academic Standing

Students' academic status is determined by their cumulative grade point averages. We strongly recommend that all students keep abreast of the University's Academic Regulations. The most recent copy of the regulations can be found here.

  • Good Standing Cumulative GPA 2.000 or above
  • Academic Warning Cumulative GPA above 2.000, but semester GPA is below 2.000
  • Academic Probation Cumulative GPA below 2.000
  • Academic Suspension Students on PROBATION who fail to achieve or maintain good standing in any subsequent semester will be placed on SUSPENSION, unless they meet the criteria for appeals. Suspended students may not enroll in the succeeding semester-it is a one semester separation from the University. Following one semester on Academic Suspension, students who file an Application for Readmission are entitled to re-enroll.
  • Academic Dismissal Students who are readmitted after any academic suspension and fail to achieve or maintain GOOD STANDING in any subsequent semester will be placed on ACADEMIC DISMISSAL unless they meet criteria in the appeals section. ACADEMIC DISMISSAL means that a student may not enroll in any succeeding semester, unless readmitted pursuant to the appeals process. ACADEMIC DISMISSAL is a permanent separation from the University.
  • Probation Continued Students subject to academic suspension or dismissal, yet whose semester's work shows substantial improvement, may be placed on PROBATION CONTINUED status at the discretion of their Undergraduate Dean.
  • Immediate Reinstatement Students placed on academic suspension may be granted IMMEDIATE REINSTATEMENT at the discretion of their Undergraduate Dean, if the Dean determines extenuating circumstances exist. Students on ACADEMIC DISMISSAL may appeal this status to the Committee on Admissions and Records (CAR). The CAR may grant IMMEDIATE REINSTATEMENT if it determines extenuating circumstances exist.