ADVANCE Faculty Fellows

ADVANCE Faculty Fellows partner with the ADVANCE-IT Team, providing recommendations and feedback about ADVANCE programming and resources, and promoting ADVANCE program efforts in their departments. We seek one faculty member from each department for a twelve-month term.

As members of the ADVANCE Advisory Committee, Faculty Fellows will:

  • Promote the activities of the ADVANCE Program for Collaboration & Equity
  • Attend one meeting each semester with the ADVANCE Team
  • Provide feedback on programming, and suggest additional programming or ADVANCE investments
  • Send notices out to their department members about upcoming ADVANCE events
  • Meet with faculty being recruited and inform them of ADVANCE Program activities
  • Encourage department members to apply for collaborative research seed grants and ADVANCE Mutual Mentoring Team grants.
  • Cultivate other faculty members from their departments to become future ADVANCE Faculty Fellows
  • Remain a resource for ADVANCE after term has expired
  • Be recognized at UMass Amherst Faculty Honors Recognition Dinner
  • Attend one dinner with campus leaders, recognizing your work as an ADVANCE Faculty Fellow

Current ADVANCE Faculty Fellows

  • Sonya Atalay, SBS, Anthropology
  • Katherine Boyer, SPHHS, Kinesiology
  • Joshua Braun, SBS, Journalism
  • Marta Calas, ISOM, Management
  • Elena Carbone, SPHHS, Nutrition
  • Michele Cooke, CNS, Geosciences
  • Leda Cooks, SBS, Communication
  • Ina Ganguli, SBS, Economics
  • Korina Jocson, COE, Education
  • Paul Katz, CNS, Biology
  • Michael Knapp, CNS, Chemistry
  • Nathalie Lavoie, SBS , Resource Economics
  • Kara Peterman, COE, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Jessica Schiffman, COE, Chemical Engineering
  • Elizabeth Sharrow, SBS and CHFA, Political Science and History
  • Govind Srimathveeravalli, COE, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
  • Don Tomaskovic-Devey, CSBS, Sociology
  • Rachel Walker, Nursing, Nursing

Selection Process

Please send a brief 1-page letter of interest to and attach your C.V.; nominations are also encouraged. Please send the name, email address, and C.V. of the person you are nominating as well as a brief rationale for why they would be ideal to serve.