Programs and Funding

ADVANCE Annual Distinguished Lecture

The UMass ADVANCE team selects a distinguished speaker, each year, representing different areas of STEM. ADVANCE Distinguished Lecturers are invited to give a talk of their choosing that centers gender equity in science and engineering, with an intersectional lens.

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Attend a Workshop

ADVANCE program workshops are delivered in partnership with units across campus to extend and enhance our existing campus offerings. Our partners include the Provost’s Office, the Office of Equity and Inclusion, the Institute for Social Science Research, the Office of Faculty Development, the Massachusetts Society of Professors (faculty union), the Center for Research on Families, as well as the College of Education, the College of Natural Sciences, the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, and the School of Public Health and Health Sciences.

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Become an ADVANCE Faculty Fellow

A UMass ADVANCE Faculty Fellowship provides faculty members with a unique opportunity to participate in ADVANCE’s program of institutional transformation. Fellows partner with the ADVANCE Leadership Team as we provide the resources, recognition and relationship building necessary to help faculty collaborate successfully and feel valued and included. Fellows provide recommendations and feedback to the team about ADVANCE programming, and they liaise with their departments and promote our efforts.

The fellowship is open to all faculty, tenure-track and non tenure-track, regardless of where they are on their career path.

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Nominate a Faculty for a Faculty Peer Mentoring Award

This award recognizes the vital role faculty play in mentoring their colleagues. Faculty mentoring can take many different forms: mentoring relationships can be informal or formal, can occur through workshops or professionalization seminars, or through one-on-one meetings or mutual mentoring groups. All of these forms of faculty mentoring are eligible for the mentor award.

Any member of the faculty may nominate another faculty member, in a tenure-track or non tenure-track position for this award (self-nominations are not accepted). 

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Self-Nominate Your Faculty Group for a Collaboration Award

UMass ADVANCE supports faculty equity through the power of collaboration. ADVANCE calls for self-nominations for a new collective award to faculty groups to recognize effective and equitable shared decision-making practices.

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Workload Equity Project

Funded by the Roy J. Zuckerberg Endowed Leadership Chair as well as ADVANCE, the Workload Equity Project provides support to academic departments at all University of Massachusetts campuses interested in developing equitable workload plans. These plans can address inequities in service, mentoring, and teaching, which are often both racialized and gendered. Does your department need assistance developing an equitable workload plan?

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