ADVANCE Faculty Fellows

A UMass ADVANCE Faculty Fellowship provides faculty members with a unique opportunity to participate in ADVANCE’s program of institutional transformation. Fellows will partner with the ADVANCE Leadership Team as we provide the resources, recognition and relationship building necessary to help faculty collaborate successfully and feel valued and included. Fellows provide recommendations and feedback to the team about ADVANCE programming, and they liaise with their departments, and promote our efforts.

Funded by the National Science Foundation ADVANCE Program, UMass ADVANCE focuses on equity for women faculty in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) by gender, race/ethnicity, sexuality, gender identity, nationality, and other statuses. As the program aims to bring about institutional transformation, faculty members from all disciplines are invited to apply for a fellowship.

The fellowship is open to all faculty, tenure-track and non tenure-track, regardless of where they are on their career path.

As an ADVANCE Faculty Fellow you will:

  • Promote the activities of the ADVANCE Program
  • Attend one meeting each semester with the ADVANCE Team
  • Provide feedback on programming, and suggest additional programming or ADVANCE investments
  • Inform your department about upcoming ADVANCE events
  • Meet with faculty being recruited and inform them of ADVANCE Program activities
  • Encourage department members to apply for ADVANCE collaborative research seed grants and Mutual Mentoring Team grants
  • Encourage department members to nominate faculty for newly created awards, like the college faculty mentor awards
  • Assist ADVANCE in reviewing grant applications and award nominations
  • Cultivate other faculty members from their departments to become future ADVANCE Faculty Fellows
  • Be recognized at UMass Amherst Faculty Honors Recognition Dinner
  • Attend a meeting or meal with campus leadership to discuss faculty equity and inclusion and recognize your work as an ADVANCE Faculty Fellow (for example the 2019-2020 fellows had breakfast with the Chancellor)

2020-2021 ADVANCE Faculty Fellows

  • Lara Al-Hariri, Chemistry
  • Whitney Battle-Baptiste, Anthropology
  • Katherine Boyer, Kinesiology
  • Joshua Braun, Journalism
  • Marta Calas, Management
  • Isla Castañeda, Geosciences
  • Jacqueline Castledine, University Without Walls
  • Nathan Chan, Resource Economics
  • Lorraine Cordeiro, Nutrition
  • Bryan Coughlin, Polymer Science and Engineering
  • Paul Dennis, Music & Dance
  • Seth Donahue, Biomedical Engineering
  • Marco Duarte, Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Isabel Espinal, Library
  • Debbie Felton, Classics
  • Lisa Fontes, University Without Walls
  • Kimberley Geissler, Health Promotion and Policy
  • Devon Greyson, Communication
  • Owen Gwilliam, Mathematics and Statistics
  • Rebecca Hamlin, Political Science
  • Korina Jocson, Student Development
  • Fidan Kurtulus, Economics
  • Li-Jun Ma, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • Narges Mahyar, College of Information and Computer Sciences
  • Lynne McLandsborough, Food Science
  • Sarah Pallas, Biology
  • Kara Peterman, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Sarah Poissant, Communication Disorders
  • Alexandra Pope, Astronomy
  • Darrel Ramsey-Musolf, Landscape Architecture & Regional Planning
  • Pari Riahi, Architecture
  • Jessica Schiffman, Chemical Engineering
  • Memnun Seven, Nursing
  • Mila Sherman, Finance
  • Enrique Suarez, Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies
  • Brokk Toggerson, Physics
  • Don Tomaskovic-Devey, Sociology
  • Linda Tropp, Psychological and Brain Sciences
  • Laura Vandenberg, Environmental Health Sciences
  • Yanfei Xu, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

2019-2020 ADVANCE Faculty Fellows

  • Sonya Atalay, Anthropology
  • Katherine Boyer, Kinesiology
  • Joshua Braun, Journalism
  • Marta Calas, Management
  • Elena Carbone, Nutrition
  • Michele Cooke, Geosciences
  • Leda Cooks, Communication
  • Ina Ganguli, Economics
  • Korina Jocson, COE, Education
  • Paul Katz, Biology
  • Michael Knapp, Chemistry
  • Nathalie Lavoie, Resource Economics
  • Kara Peterman, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Jessica Schiffman, Chemical Engineering
  • Elizabeth Sharrow, Political Science and History
  • Govind Srimathveeravalli, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
  • Don Tomaskovic-Devey, Sociology
  • Rachel Walker, Nursing

To Apply or Nominate Someone

Please fill out this brief survey and upload your CV if nominating yourself, or your nominee’s CV if nominating someone else.