Recognizing the Impact of Covid-19 in Evaluating Faculty: A Conversation with Provost John McCarthy, Dean Sanjay Raman, and Dean Tricia Serio

2:00-3:00pm, Zoom

Faculty work has been impacted by Covid-19 in a variety of ways, including moving classes online, and having research programs abruptly interrupted. It is likely that this impact will be felt more powerfully by women, faculty with primary caregiving responsibilities and members of underrepresented groups across campus. This ADVANCE-sponsored session connects faculty with Provost John McCarthy, Dean Sanjay Raman of the College of Engineering, and Dean Tricia Serio of the College of Natural Sciences, to discuss how the institution will take these disruptions into account. This session will address guidance to Personnel Committees and external letter writers, approaches to documenting the impact of Covid-19 on faculty careers, and equity-minded approaches to addressing the impact of Covid-19.