Equity Minded Workload Reform, Part 1 - Dashboards

November 5, 2021, from 10:00-12:00, Zoom 
With Joya Misra, UMass Amherst 

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Many faculty members report feeling that workload in their department is unfairly distributed; women and faculty of color may be asked to carry out more than their share of work. This session provides clear, evidence-based practices to create better, fairer workloads for faculty through changing the “choice architecture” for the division of labor in departments.  For example, dashboards with transparent displays of work activity data ensure that faculty understand performance expectations, and department Chairs and Heads are not making assignments in the dark. This session will be followed in February by a session (Part 2) that focuses on organizational policies and practices that can be adopted to proactively design more equitable workloads and reward systems. 

Joya Misra is Professor of Sociology and Public Policy, Director of the Institute for Social Science Research, and Director of ADVANCE Programming and co-PI of the NSF-funded ADVANCE Program at the UMass, Amherst. Joya’s research examines race, gender, nationality and inequality, including in academic workplaces; she is currently examining how collaboration operates in university settings.