Bystander Intervention Performance & Workshop

Please join UMass ADVANCE and the AWED Theater Company for this workshop:


Bystander intervention draws on principles of performance and research to explore bystander dynamics and mediation strategies in the context of micro (individual) and macro (departmental) communication, policies, and processes. Attendees have the opportunity to witness subtle, dynamic scenes as a method to examine the bystander experience in real-time. By exploring their own reactions through interactive dialogue and reflective tools, observers can “enter” scenarios and practice strategies for addressing moments and subtle aspects of departmental climate. 

Based out of Florida International University (FIU), the Advance Women, Equity, and Diversity (AWED) Theater supports ADVANCE’s unique and impactful approach to leadership education, departmental climate change, and bias interventions through the development and presentation of research-based interactive theater. Plays are enacted by professional actors and post-dialogue discussions, led by an experienced faculty developer, and are structured within a highly interactive curriculum.