UMass ADVANCE Equitable Practices in Collaboration and Shared Decision-Making Award (EPiC-SD)

UMass ADVANCE supports faculty equity through the power of collaboration. ADVANCE calls for self-nominations for a new collective award to faculty groups to recognize effective and equitable shared decision-making practices. Self-nominations are due by April 29, 2022.


$500 to support your group's ongoing collaborations, as well as a prominent place on the ADVANCE website with photo, and press release to various channels recognizing your group’s shared practices.


Research shows that when all voices are heard, especially the voices of women and BIPOC faculty, decision-making is better and has more effective outcomes. Our goal is to recognize collective efforts that develop practices promoting equitable collaboration and shared decision-making.


  • Faculty led groups of three or more faculty members are eligible to self-nominate.
  • Groups must be comprised of a majority of faculty who are members of MSP or are currently serving as Chairs/Heads.
  • Groups may be formal organizational units (e.g., departmental committees, working groups) or informal collectives (e.g., mutual mentoring groups). 
  • One group member may take the lead in submitting the self-nomination, but all group members will need to agree to the nomination via a DocuSign document.

Review Criteria

This award recognizes promising practices in shared decision-making and equitable group processes; we know that no group is perfect but ADVANCE seeks to highlight specific practices that lay the foundation for greater equity.

Applications will describe practices, initiatives, and/or particular pieces of work produced by the group that signify equitable shared decision-making processes

These could include but are not limited to:

  • bylaws
  • community agreements
  • setting up programs for mentoring approaches
  • informal practices for including all voices in decisions
  • ranked choice voting techniques
  • online communication practices
  • collaborative teaching practices among faculty
  • equitable division of credit among research collaborators

Applications will be reviewed collaboratively by a committee of faculty from different colleges, using ADVANCE guidance for equitable peer review.

Submitting a Self-Nomination for Your Faculty Group

  1. Download the excel contact sheet (you will need to fill this out and upload when you submit) and the pdf of the self-nomination survey (this is so you can review the questions you will need to answer when submitting your self-nomination through our online survey).
  2. Complete the online survey to submit the self-nomination of your faculty group using the link below.



April 29, 2022.

Questions? Contact Donna Baron at