Research Seed Funding Evaluation Rubric

Scientific Merit: 

This item covers: Significance, Innovation, and Approach/Timeline, with key points as follows: 

  • The project has the potential to lead to significant contributions to the field or discipline.
  • The proposed research represents a bold new idea or the application of prior research to a field that has no precedent for it.
  • The conceptual or theoretical frameworks and methods are appropriate to the goals of the project and reflective of intellectual rigor.
  • This project includes a reasonable timeline for completion.


This item covers: Investigator(s) and Feasibility/Resources, with key points as follows:                

  • The investigator has an ambitious research vision.  
  • The investigator is well-suited to the proposed project, with appropriate experience and training.
  • Unique features of the research environment will contribute to the probability of success.

This item addresses the Impact/Outcomes review criterion, with key points as follows.                

  • If successful, the project will strategically expand the applicant’s research program and position the proposed line of research for large, extramural grants or key industrial partnerships.      
  • The outcomes of the project have a significant likelihood of leading to major scientific impact.

Funding Purposes and Priorities:
Describe the overall relative strengths and weaknesses of the proposal considering the following:    


  • Allow faculty members to pursue interdisciplinary research
  • Demonstrate inclusive, equitable, and collaborative research components
  • Foster equitable collaborations   


  • Junior faculty and faculty who are women or members of minorities underrepresented in STEM

What is your overall recommendation?

  • Definitely Fund  (1)
  • Conditionally Fund  (2)
  • Do Not Fund  (3)