ADVANCE Research Seed Funding FAQ

A full description of this opportunity, including eligibility and requirements, can be found here.

I am in a STEM field and or NSF funds my field. Can I apply?

It depends. At least one PI must be from an NSF-supported STEM field. NSF-supported STEM faculty are located in the College of Engineering, College of Information and Computer Sciences, College of Natural Sciences, and College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, as well as the departments of Management in the Isenberg School of Management and Linguistics in the College of Humanities and Fine Arts.

How big should my team be?

The minimum size for a group is two and there is no maximum.

Can pay for students be included in the budget?

Yes. However, graduate students must be 10/hr per week GEO eligible. Seed funds can be combined with other funds to achieve this. If graduate students will be paid through a combination of funds, this must be explained.

Do I need to budget for graduate student tuition?

No. These funds are UMass internal funds and are not subject to tuition costs. Please see the Kuali guides or Research and Engagement factsheet for more budget information.

How will the award be transferred?

The award will be transferred to a single-member of the team. These are internal funds and are not subject to indirect costs. 

How long do I have to spend the award?

One year. Unless a special extension has been granted.