Promote Shared Decision Making

Equity is more likely when faculty members are engaged in shared decision-making, broadly and transparently participating in the work of the department. Clear and effective communication strategies between leaders and faculty members are critical to this goal. Some key supports in this area include:

  • Workshops on collaborative decision-making and shared governance

  • Workshops on engaging effectively with leaders

  • Workshops on providing clear feedback to faculty members

  • Workshops on leadership development and opportunities

  • Workshops on supporting leadership development

  • Awards for best departmental shared decision-making models

  • Promotion of best practices in shared decision-making models

  • Coaching from previous chairs/heads identified as effective leaders

Our interventions in the area of shared decision-making deeply engage faculty in decision-making roles, regardless of race, gender, nationality, or other statuses. Providing the resources, relationships and recognition for shared decision-making leads to greater equity in advancement and retention because faculty members are in departments that value their voice and ideas and training in leadership development.