Enhance Supports for Inclusive Community

While academic careers require peer support, it can be difficult to develop mentoring relationships with other faculty members. ADVANCE provides new resources and publicizes existing resources to foster community and career development. We build on the Mutual Mentoring model, developed by Mary Deane Sorcinelli and Jung Yun. The ADVANCE Program will promote networks, peer mentoring and recognition of mentoring, and helps establish a network of College Diversity officers, aimed at ensuring that all faculty members are part of inclusive communities.

Some key supports in this area include:

  • Creating, enhancing, and supporting networks for women, underrepresented minorities, LGBTQIA, and international faculty.
  • Promotion of the work of mutual mentoring groups and networks on campus to enhance inclusive community.
  • Workshops on career development for women faculty members
  • Workshops on career development for faculty of color
  • Workshops on career development for international faculty  members
  • Workshops on career development for LGBTQIA faculty members
  • Workshops on career development at the intersections of race, gender, nationality, and sexuality
  • Workshops on development productive mentoring relationships
  • Workshops on understanding and addressing the experiences of women faculty, faculty of color, international faculty, and LGBTQIA faculty
  • Workshop on addressing diversity through inclusive community building
  • Workshops on encouraging, recognizing, and rewarding peer mentoring work
  • Promotion of faculty/peer mentoring in each college, through awards and other institutional structures

ADVANCE interventions in the area of collaborative community building more deeply engage all faculty in an inclusive community, regardless of race, gender, nationality, sexuality, or other statuses. Providing the resources, relationships and recognition for inclusive community across campus leads to greater equity in retention and satisfaction as faculty feel a greater sense of belonging and being valued for their work.